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ad.exe has stopped working [Solved]


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I just downloaded the latest AD.exe, and everytime I try to run it, I get the "ad.exe has stopped working" as soon as it tries to extract Data/Expansion1.MPQ.

I am running this on Win7 32-bit

Is there another way that I should be doing this?

Please let me know if you need any more information, or would like me to test anything out.

I searched the forums, but couldn't find a definitive answer on this so please point me in the right direction if I missed it.

Thank you

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OK, I downloaded this client, and ad.exe seems to have worked fine. Now I'm getting an error when running vmapExtractor.

Everything goes fine at first, but then it gives me a TON of errors that say

Can't open World\\Maps\\Azeroth\\Azeroth_38_7_obj0.adt, err=2!

Can't open World\\Maps\\Azeroth\\Azeroth_38_8_obj0.adt, err=2!

Can't open World\\Maps\\Azeroth\\Azeroth_38_9_obj0.adt, err=2!

Can't open World\\Maps\\Azeroth\\Azeroth_38_10_obj0.adt, err=2!

Can't open World\\Maps\\Azeroth\\Azeroth_38_11_obj0.adt, err=2!

Can't open World\\Maps\\Azeroth\\Azeroth_38_12_obj0.adt, err=2!

Can't open World\\Maps\\Azeroth\\Azeroth_38_13_obj0.adt, err=2!

over and over again.

Is there something else I need to be doing in between these steps that I'm missing?

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Here is the end:

Can't open World\\Maps\\MaelstromDeathwingFight\\MaelstromDeathwingFight_63_63_obj0

.adt, err=2!

Can't open World\\Maps\\TolVirArena\\TolVirArena.wdt, err=2!

Extract V4.00 2012_08. Work complete. No errors.

c:\\Program Files\\World of Warcraft>

Does that look OK?

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