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[Two] Warden anti cheat



hello i need help

i cant find some thing clear in the internet to install anticheat system on mangos-wotlk i cant find any anti chat system on the mangos-wotlk

plz help i dont need a repack i want the source code because i may need to edit my source some time .

dont give me some thing that give erors :| i tested Warden110427_11401 i seem to be oute-date because it give me erores on compiling

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i mean mangostwo when i said mangos wotlk because its the only that supports wotlk

ok this is the problem there is no anti cheat source in the mangostwo WHY?

any cheat detection system ?

at all there is No cheat detection system in mangostwo

i need one! Even it will be so basic its better of nothing

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