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MaNGOS available on Android devices


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Now before you all get too excited, it is not the server running on the device !

We have created a small application which show the following:-

  • The latest commits for each core
  • Quick access to the website
  • New Forums Posts
  • Quick to the MaNGOS Test Server website

The download can be found here: http://project-zero.eu/app/

Please post any suggestions for improvements etc.

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Finally! An app for my phone that is actually worth having! I will try this out immediately. Thank you for making my MaNGOS addiction easier to indulge. :)

It is too bad running a full MaNGOS server on portable devices is impractical. The Wi-Fi hotspot and tethering capabilities of these machines would open up new possibilities with ad-hoc server networks and WoW LAN parties.

Who gets the blame...er... credit for this app?

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Well, let's hope Salja can figure out the finer points of the Android SDK by that time, especially cross-compatibility for older versions of Android.

My reason for saying that is my phone displayed "Parse Error" when I tried installing the APK. My phone runs Android 2.2.1 and I have it set to allow installing packages not from the app store.

I was really looking forward to using MangDroid (it needed a name!), but I know almost nothing about this platform. Call me a dinosaur. lol

Thank you for your app, Salja! Now please make it work. :)

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The server should compile on android devices just by GCC compiling, i do not see where you have to look into this. If i ever get a android i will set up ssh and test this.

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