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New MaNGOS Wiki


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Hi Everyone !

We are proud to annouce that the MaNGOS Wiki has a new home:-

The Wiki's new home is http://github.com/MaNGOSWiki/Wiki

This Wiki contains information relating to all the cores, the individual wiki's will now redirect you to the master Wiki above.

The information is by no means complete, but we are updating it as often as we can !

- Want to help, please email or PM me and i'll add you to the Wiki Team

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It would be nice if you guys create wiki separate languages, i can translate to spanish if you want.

That is our plan..... and that is a big YES PLEASE from me.

If there is anything I can do to help you, please ask... either by email, Skype or PM.

I have given you commit rights on the Wiki repo.

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Antz, thanks for this.

I have 0 experience about github matters; what user / email and password need to login in the wiki repo to add content?

Thanks again

I have given your locario github user access.... If that is not you, please let me know what your username on github is !

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