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MaNGOS Needs You... yes you !!


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As you know, following the recent attacks our community has been badly damaged, not having access to mangos.com has been problematic at best !!

But we need your help, whether your a part time coder, can offer help with the wiki, or just performing some testing for us.

- Please PM me and i'll arrange to get you added to the teams

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We able happy for anyone to help out, regardless of their experience !

- After all, Mangos is a place of learning

Unkle Nuke was a moderator on the old forum, for over 5 years, I was mainly a 'lurker' on the forums,

With the events of Nov/Dec last year, I decided to step up and offer my services to help out - and became the admin of the forums.

Both of us now as admins try and bring some order to the chaos that can be mangos.

  • [li]Are you good with dealing with people, including those who display outright stupidity or serious arrogance ?
    - Sounds like you could be cut out to be a moderator ?[/li]

  • [li]Not a programmer, but happy to play the game and report back issues
    - Sounds like testing could be your calling.[/li]

  • [li]You look at someone's notes and think, OMG I could write something far better than that
    - Wiki Writer may be your calling[/li]

  • [li]And of course, if you can code and want to contribute
    - We have a place for you too as a dev :D[/li]

Don't be afraid, it can be fun ;)

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i can do forum moderation and web designing and coding in PHP if needed. I believe I am pretty good enough in web designing / functionality aspect of back end coding and have moderated a few forums through out the years to offer my skills elseware, grasscity being one of the biggest forums i moderated. I am pretty fluent and fast in coding in PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap, mySQL, SQLlite. I can pick up other languages and figure out problems very quickly. I believe I could provide a very useful set of skills and great web designing skills and maintenance for your team (and I also have a butt load of time as I am off of work for a year due to an injury)

just let me know what you think antz! I can start work anytime you need it!

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Pretty much what TeacherDon said: it's also time for me to contribute back to the community. And the community that has given me the most is MaNGoS. So I want to start with that.

As I'm currently a third year university Computer Science (TU Delft), I finally have some confidence to contribute.

I'm familiar with github (since every university project here uses it), c/c++, php, js, java and mysql.

But I've no idea how the workflow is here. If someone could post me link to where it's explained, or if someone could explain it in this post then I'll try to start.

I'm most interested in the core, I'm willing to work at other parts as long it's not web related (I just hate web development :P).

Just let me know how I can help :)

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ok, first of all.... set yourself up with a Github username.

Then the way we normally work is:

1) Login to Gibhub

2) Go the the repo you want to edit

3) Fork it into your own repo

4) Make changes to your repo version

5) When you are happy with it, logon to Github and issue to push request

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