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Possible new Tools


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That would be fantastic, thank you in advance.

I will be setting up a new repo in the next few days for General Mangos Tools - so the source could be stored in there !

We need to be careful, despite how tempting it would be to include all the steps for data extraction as well, we would be technically breaking the law and blizz would start hunting us down.

But we can cover setting up the server, copying the required files and possibly installing the databases. But the extraction itself must remain a separate task.

Just so your aware of my thinking, I am thinking of producing a package containing only the following:-

Server (with scripting library included)

Extraction Tools

World Database

Scripting Database

Plus i'd like to aim towards monthly (or at least bi-monthly) releases of these packages for people to download.

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I understand, you're not releasing a repack but perhaps a small gui could be included that can be manually run to automate the extraction process? Anyway if you provide some strict guidelines as to exactly what is legally permissable I'll make a start on the task...

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The distinction is clear.

One application to install / configure the server / database

One application to run the extraction tools

They must be separate applications and must not call each other in any way.

- These are the rules imposed on us !

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Actually, I like the idea of a GUI an awful lot. We might have to keep all four programs as separate entities, but it would be nice to just slap it all together.

I think I might be able to work on something sloowly for Core Two and see what everyone thinks.

I was thinking this:

1. Server compilation

2. Database configuration... We could take apart the wamp system and use just the mysql system from that and do that for them to.

3. Installing the Database...

4. Here I realize I don't need to take Wamp apart, because if we supply them with a simple web interface for registration and server statuses, then we need all of wamp. ;)

Lemme know what everyone thinks... Initially, I want to do all of the programs in MONO for Linux and then start working on branching them out to Windows and find someone to debug my work for OS X.

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Im expecting the majority of folks in the second group will be using windows so with wolverine approaching from the linux side I propose to code from windows in .net

My personal choice would be a uniserver based installation for the wamp as its portable, lightweight and easy to control from external code.

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