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getMaNGOS needs you! (We are recruiting)


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getMaNGOS needs you!

Welcome to Mangos, if you are reading this you likely have an interest in helping out this

great community effort. We have positions available in all the below areas.

• Researchers - Proof of how it really was in that timeframe of warcraft

• Testers - Active testers to test new bug fixes

• Bug reporters - Testing out any world content working or not and reporting issues

• Forum helpers - Basically a moderator, someone with a decent knowledge of mangos to help answer questions

• Documentors - Expanding the wiki's/tutorials/guides

• Translators - To translate the wiki's/tutorials/guides into a language other than English

• Database dev - Working with sql to further the databases

• Scripters - Working with programming languages to further the cores/tools

If any of the above appeals to you, please let us know

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