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==== Google translate ====

In MaNGOSZero, how virtual online number of players?

I mean in the game, press "O" key, and then click "Search", then click "Refresh" after the number of players online.

I try to "users" in the "characters" table "online" field changes, and does not work.

Use Navicat also failed to achieve its value is fixed.

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If i understand this right you wish to make it appear that there are more players online then there really is? So it shows more online on a website for example?

If yes, then this is something we currently do not support and the developers have indicated it is a very low priority thing to support.

You might be best posting somewhere like ac-web.org asking for a programmer to help you there.

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==============From the youdao translation=====================

I have a new train of thought, don't know whether correct or not.

Is my picture in the attachment along with this other words, whether or not stored in the database?

If it is, then directly before calling a function with random Numbers can be realized more false online gamers.

==============From the baidu translation=====================

I have a new idea, don't know whether it is right.

Is this text annotation I picture attachments, are stored in the database?

If it is, then directly before calling the function with arbitrary number of false online game player can achieve more.

==============From the google translation=====================

I have a new idea, I do not know whether it is correct.

Is my picture in the annex phrase marked text is stored in the database?

If so, before calling the function directly add any number can be realized more false online gamers.

[attachment deleted by admin]

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I know such behavior smacks of deception, my erection is also a public server, completely free, but according to the characteristics of this game can only play one more.

Every day about 20-30 people to the new players, they use/WHO entered the game instruction check the online population, saw little online number directly to close the game. Can stick to play players is extremely rare, if we can modify the parameters, within a month can have a huge player power, it is each people all want to set up the server.

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在中国有一个叫 “3c魔兽" 的服务器,是中国最大的私有魔兽服务器。






In China there is a call "3 c" warcraft servers, is China's largest privately owned of warcraft server.

In him will have such a program, but more high-end;

Each new build real players will appear next to a false of the players, from time to time appear beside you kill the monster.

Players will not accept the task of the false, also don't pick up goods.

Using/WHO commands the query in the game is the player with 3000 people, I'm judging by the auction house on total number of items, the real player is about between 800-1300.

This idea is very good, he let players are more likely to accept a strange world.

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Personally I do not support lying to the players. I can understand your frustration. It is very hard to get players to play on your server but I will not help you. You will most likely not get any help from any other MaNGOS developers either. Sorry.

Undersigned, Doctor G, prescribing some knowledge once again.

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Unfortunately we don't support such action's as not only it is wrong, but also the Fake Player Script's are highly unstable and can cause undesirable effects in the long run. Including but not limited to the loss of actual players due to server down time in the occasion of a Crash occurrence. Additionally we don't support Public Servers due to legal laws with Blizzard Entertainment. We are unable to help you with you're problems at this time.

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Thank you for your understanding.

I just to are players in the game, to looking for the solution.

They are very good to me, I also very grateful to them, and urged me to find a way to virtual players more players, in order to attract more new players to join.

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