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Get well Unkle Nuke


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So everyone might be wondering where our team member Unkle nuke is... I have the sad job of saying he is very ill at this time.

He currently has a nasty strain of pneumonia that has affected him very badly and causing him to sleep for 12/14 hours a day!

I would like to say get well soon to Unkle Nuke the getMaNGOS family miss you and i'm sure the rest of the team will reply with there own messages :)

Send your regards over on the open topic here: [iurl=http://community.getmangos.eu/index.php?topic=19808.0]http://community.getmangos.eu/index.php?topic=19808.0[/iurl]

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This is an excerpt from a email I got from him today.....

After weeks of respiratory therapy and a couple of setbacks (Never, ever allow kids within a mile of your person when you're recovering from a prolonged illness, unless they're wearing a spacesuit or you are. They're inevitably carrying some plague or another) the doctors have decided I'm as recovered as I will ever be. My lung capacity has been permanently diminished, but I can still do most things as before so long as I pace myself accordingly.

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I am deeply touched by this. I know it's been a long time since this thread was started, but I must plead extenuating circumstances for the lateness of my response.

My ordeal is over, after months of therapy and close monitoring. I am by no means in any danger of leaving my Bucket List unfinished! lol

Madmax, you're a class act! Thank you and everyone else for the well wishes. :D

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