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[7252] command for starting bg with just one player

Guest balrok

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hello, i've writte a gm-command which allows to enter a battleground with just one player (if minplayers in battleground_template is set to 1)

to use it, enter ".debug bg" - this command is great for testing battlegrounds, so you don't have to start 2 clients for it..

i post it here, cause i don't think this gets added, and maybe someone wants to rewrite it, or just use it

patch can be found here: http://mangos-files.eu/patches/bg_test.patch

todo: set minplayers to 1 even if not specified in bg_template

add mysql-entry for gm command

maybe merge it with .debug arena (but it seems, that current .debug arena has some bugs)

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i've rewritten it a bit now it's a conf option and can maybe also replace .debug arena

it can be found in my repo:


in branch


this is also untested cause of my broken computer

and don't forget to edit your configs for testing - default is disabled debugging.. ;)

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thank you,

this is infact the same.. also your fix was right.. i haven't fixed it, cause i wanted to have it as conf-option cause i guess that this kind of debugging isn't on productive servers

but i'm happy that this feature is inside master - then developing will go much faster with battlegrounds :)

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I'm guessing this is a GM command too from the (.) period before it, is it possible to execute from the mangosd window/prompt at all or is it only available in-game on a GM account?

The reason I ask all these questions is that for solo play it's nice to be able to complete the quests in the battlegrounds for a small experience boost, especially the AV ones.

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