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As a student in the UK

In Gre.ac.uk

uni students get masses of free software

free xp home/pro/media

and 64bit versions

vista ultimate x32 and x64

XNA (360 coding etc)

Adobe masters

Windows server 2003 and 2008

loads of programs like AutoCAD

any software were using at the uni is normally included

such as VB6 when i used it last year

Visual Studio Professional...

none of the Express stuff =P

Express is free to anyone anyway =)

Just register... even with true details

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Marketing reasons behind everything. Microsoft eventually fears that young developers get used to open source (or other non-MS) tools, so it acts like this :)

Very true.

The idea behind alot of it:

Give us MS qualifications... and MS software...

because thats what people know, they hope majority go there wya and use their products later

MS do have the majority so well...


I dont have any major probs with MS thou, so =)

Just money.

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