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[7200] Bugged Trigger Spell Unyielding Knights

Guest aerione_alt

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The passive spell Unyielding Knights (38164) is from the weapons Blade of the Unyielding (29108) and Rod of the Unyielding (29109).

The spell it triggers is 38162 which spawns 2 Vengeful Unyielding Knights (20117) as guardians.

Bug: The spell currently procs every single hit, spawning 2 knights every single melee hit. You wind up spawning 20+ knights in a few seconds.

It should have about a 20% proc rate on when you use the blade against Grillok "Darkeye" (19457). On all other mobs, its proc rate is extremely low (< 1%). You can have more than 2 Knights spawned at once (but it is only likely when using against Grillok "Darkeye" though).

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