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Hi - To any devs reading awesome job, currently tinkering with a zero and a one server, really appreciate all the work :)

Problem: I am trying to figure out how to temporarily suppress console output from a zero server - is there a command to do this?

Waffle: I've looked everywhere I can think and not been able to find it, but fully accept that it might be totally obvious to any competent human.

This is a big problem for me as I have the memory of a very stupid goldfish, and if I am typing a command (one-fingered with tongue sticking out side of mouth) and the magic mangos game thing spurts out a load of stuff about how dbscipts is doing something clever, then I forget whatever it is I have typed, and I am then forced to bash delete until I am confident everything I have forgotten I have typed has gone, then start again. If the console is invaded by other breaking news items, then I am back to square one.

Please help, my brain is small and I am currently killing more brain cells with whisky, so time is short.

Best Wishes,


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From mangosd.conf:

#    LogLevel
#        Server console level of logging
#        0 = Minimum; 1 = Basic&Error; 2 = Detail; 3 = Full/Debug
#        Default: 3

The default is really set to 3, so set it to 0 before server starting. You might also try to change it on the fly: modify the value and use "reload config" GM command, though I did not check that way.

There is no specific command to control server logging, as well as no need in it. Also note that the admin account (access level 3) allows much more things from the client interface.

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