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There is no playerbot implemented in One and up. I have no personal interest in non-blizzlike content and mechanics. However I've read a discussion about possible implementation. The central issue is a different set of spells (better, "tactics") for TBC compared to the classic. Also, the present playerbot code is not simply extendable in this direction. It requires a lot of C++ coding, and it will be so for every later core. The correct solution would be a complete rewriting the PB code in order to support DB-based sets of spells and a primitive AI (maybe something like EventAI).

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Thanks for responding Olion

I am a little confused, I had a look at the source for playerbot supplied with Mangoszero from GitHub (built a couple or so weeks ago) and it contained references to spells in BC and up, for instance in the mage strats Frost and Arcane there are icy veins and arcane blast which isn't vanilla. I had assumed that the zero version was modified from code supporting mangosone or higher, but I am a little foggy with how this arrived in the mzero core.

I am (supposed) to be working on a final project for my degree (I am studying with OU and I am an old fart with family so don't have as much time) and would like to hack about with the bots to get them working well, but as said I don't have much time and have not managed to find much documentation regarding how the playerbot AI was developed from blueboys (which I think was forked from somewhere else but not sure) - is there any docs for devs available? FYI just a hobby for me, got a few mates who played wow back in the day and they got me into all this mangos malarkey, and any improvements we can make we would be happy to share here and on GitHub.

Cheers peeps

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I would also be curious if there is any documentation whatsoever on the playerbots in some manner.

Since the playerbots were introduced into zero I've been attempting to mess around with the code involving them, trying to just figure out what exactly is happening, but I've had next to no luck on that end.

My primary goal was to try and help fixing them (they are a fantastic idea to have in the core), but to be honest the codebase regarding the playerbots is a mess and it's difficult to parse - let alone modify. This is especially true in many methods that simply do not work for some reason.

If all else fails, is there at least some sort of console output for the playerbots that can be logged or enabled?

Perhaps the best thing to do at this point for the playerbots is to start from scratch using the current code as a rough outline.

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