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[patch][7390] implement heroic instance quest requirement

Guest NoFantasy

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Feature: Add option to define quest required done for heroic mode instance in areatrigger_teleport.

Revision: patch created with revision 7382(Master)

Author: NoFantasy

Info: Works in same way as current required_quest_done, just for the heroic mode instead. Example quest where this can be used is entry 11492.




ALTER TABLE areatrigger_teleport
 ADD COLUMN required_quest_done_heroic int(11) unsigned NOT NULL default '0' AFTER required_quest_done;

Can be ported to 0.12 branch too.

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I always thought this would have to be done as required_aura, since the quest awards a dummy spell as you know (46591)

But I guess is the same and maybe easier to mantain, since auras sometimes get deleted by accident like was happening time ago with arena preparation deleting all buffs, even "unaffected by invulnerability".

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This is a little pointless for me since quest 11490 isn't working right now. Wich is required for the next quest: 11492.

This would make Magister's Terrace heroic mode unplayable by generic non-gm characters :(

What a nonsense, so it is better to keep it non-implemented if quest doesn't work?

Quest is something external and can be fixed at a later time -_-

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