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New wiki is live


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I am proud (and a little relieved) to announce that the New Wiki is Live !!

After several weeks of hard work most of the Wiki pages have been converted over into a brand new Wiki which is also integrated with the forum.

The only files not brought across were the out of date install guides.

Over the next few days I will be running Wiki generation of all the DBDocs and DBCDocs files and add them as needed to the Wiki.

I will also start to put together some windows installation guides. I may even attempt some Linux based ones unless someone beats me to it
- hint hint :D

The Wiki is there for everyone to use and correct / update as required - although all changes will be moderated before being applied.

Why create a new Wiki ?

The old Wiki fitted fairly nicely with our old forum, but with the new website/forum it seemed very disjointed.

With this new Wiki the contents are completely searchable, which when searching for something specific can be a huge timesaver.

To access the new Wiki, just click the Wiki link on the menu bar or go to:

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