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Db_version too new?



So, I'm almost finished with creating a Mangos Zero server, but the problem I'm facing is that when running mangosd.exe it's telling me that I have an "out of date" version of the database. It says that I have 2007_18_Deadmines_Mr_Smite_Corrections.sql and I need 2007_01_Rel20_Release_Prep.sql. I'm not sure what to do.

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I'm having exactly the same problem. I freshly checked out both the server source and the database scripts. I used branch release20 on both. To be absolutely sure: The commit ids are 3c0355f5d6efa9ca674eeadb614c84cc9cf0d515 and a74238504f5b09b1b20cd67c4d168ec0e8a247ab respectively.

I started from an empty database, which I populated with these commands:

cat World/Setup/mangosdCreateDB.sql | mysql
cat Realm/Setup/realmdLoadDB.sql | mysql realmd
cat World/Setup/mangosdLoadDB.sql | mysql mangos
cat Character/Setup/characterLoadDB.sql | mysql characters

That should bring everything to the required versions, right? The files in */Updates are only for migrating an existing database, not for creating a new one, correct?

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Ok, this is what I tried since:

Delete the source folder, check out again, rebuild mangos -> same result

Populate the database using full_db.sql created by make_full_WorldDB.sh -> same result

What am I doing wrong?

edit: Or is mangos20 just too old, should I try mangos21 instead?

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