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Revision 22. what is it?



Hi all. I am hoping someone can clear something up for me. I have been running rev21 for a while now, and its great, but I have seen rev22 mentioned a few times on this page, could someone enlighten me on what it is and if its available for testing?

Thanks all :)

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Basically we at MaNGOS are working on implementing a twice yearly release cycle.

Rel xx is the last stable release and Dev yy is the current development branch for the next release.
- All updates are applied to the Dev branch.

As you may know MangosZero is currently on Release 20 and has a Development Branch called Develop21.

When we roll out Release 21, Develope 21 will become the 'master/default' branch called Release21 and a new development branch called Develop22 will be created.
- Eventually all the cores will follow this same development cycle, but we're not there yet.


Hope that helps explain things

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