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Transferring server



Hello to everyone guys. 

I am relative new around here and i have to say that this community helped me really great to compile a mangos zero  server with success . 

I am researching like 2 weeks or more to make my zero server and i think i have done it well at least in localhost environment. I even tried and wrote my own notes step by step. 

I used a really old machine and Ubuntu server for my compiling. Right now i am thinking of getting my nephew's desktop that is a LOT better than my 512 MB of ddr2 memory ^^ and i would love to ask some questions. Any help is appreciated.

1: Do i have to recompile the core and repeat whole procedure from the beginning at the new machine? I am going to use Ubuntu server again.

2: If not , what folders should i transfer ?

3: Do i have to re-extract maps , dbc etc , or i can simply copy them to the new machine ?

4: I suppose that SQL can be extracted as .sql files and re- imported to the new machine , am i right ?

Please note that : All files and folders will be moved under the new machine with same user and permissions .

In other words , if there is any , can someone point me to a thread that describe information regarding migration of the server ?

Thanks a lot, 

Keep up the good work

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If you are using Zero on the new machine as well, you should'nt have to re compile anything. Simply move your server folder to the new machine (your server has all the maps, vmaps and other compiled data you need. Back up your sql and re-upload.   Only thing to watch for is if your database information changes...  login name/password.

Im not fluent with Ubuntu enough to say how to move your information or what to do once its there, but what you need to move is stated above.....I hope this helps to some extent.


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Thank you very much for your reply . 

If i remember correctly , last time i tried to do that i had an error : Illegal action (Core Dumped) . Probably it is because it was compiled in AMD and the target machine was Intel based? Anyone can verify that ? 

Thanks again for the reply sir. I will try once more and i will report back with my results.

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