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What determines actual location of ranged MOBS and Corpses

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  • 39 years later...

Trying to sort out some issues with Ranged mobs (Archers/Casters) being OUT OF RANGE to melee and fleeing mob corpses skating after death and being unlootable.

CORE = Mangos 7408 w/out AHBOT

DATABASE = YTDB 7379-Rev138 & ScriptDev 901 / ACID 007 rev. 26

Vmaps LOS/Height ON

POSCollision ON

I regenerated dbc/map/vmaps today to verify not a corruption issue. Any ideas on how to narrow down the cause and possible remedies?

Server is Dedicated Test Box running Win2003 - latency 20ms/60FPS

Problem most noticeable with Feared/Fleeing MOBS - corpses skate to their original position before aggro - unable to loot

Hellfire Citadel - MOB Casters and Archers cannot be attacked - they walk thru walls and other odd behavior, auto-attack on and running around will some times allow you to attack mid air to hit them

Mod: Please move ot General Help if this is not best place to ask.

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yea, i made a fix for it but it can be done better by calling StopMoving() from where it should be called in the first place. This does work however

@@ -9002,11 +9002,11 @@ void Unit::setDeathState(DeathState s)
    if (s != ALIVE && s!= JUST_ALIVED)
        ClearComboPointHolders();                           // any combo points pointed to unit lost at it death
+        StopMoving();

    if (s == JUST_DIED)

EDIT: Just looked at the code and where i was told to edit it wouldn't make much sense. It does the job of ending the spell but doesn't stop the movement generators that are used for those spells (i.e. fear or disorient affects). I'm not sure if theres a way to check if a spell uses a movement generator for the affect otherwise you could make a function call in InterruptNonMeleeSpells(false);

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