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Where in the sourcecode is the movement





I am no programmer but I am very intelligent and I already solved many problems in my version of mangoszero I have. I use Release20 because here I got the sourcecode too. So I implemented dozens of quests I repaired dozen of quests I even repaired dozen of wrong gamemechanics at first only in the database later also in the sourcecode although I actually know as good as nothing about C++ or programming in general. But how I said I am very intelligent.

I have problems with your creature movement. The problem is you calculate the position for the attack for the creature but in this time my character also move forwards. That means very often the creature comes much too close. And you will laugh but this happened in the real WoW too. But in real WoW the creature then goes backwards a little bit to increase the distance again.

So my question is how can I change the sourcecode that the position is calculated more often per second and / or how can I find only the place in the sourcecode where I can order the creature to hold a certain distance if possible even while fighting in attack-distance?

I searched a lot in your sourcecode. I searched words like movement and I find something too but nothing what I can understand nothing where I can say okay here I have to change something that it works how I want it how it was. And I know some vector calculation and I know the sentence of pythagoras as well. Unfortunately I cant find the place in your sourcecode where exactly the things come together. So are you able and do you want to explain me how and where in the sourcecode is written how the creature behaves when it searches the path to the player for the attacking and so on.

I think if you answer this question it would be the first time in history that you do something in this forum where interested people could learn something. I mean the whole forum is empty. I am not sure why you offer it. If you dont wanna tell me the things I have to search by my own but this is very boring I think. So may be I stop doing it.

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