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Getting error "not a memeber of player class"



hi all.


i try to add some playerbot's to my server but i get stock in this stuff:

one error type

i saw now thats its more then only the player class.


but when i asked in Trinity IRC someone told me to look for " function prototypes " but i cant find antying that looks like anything i need...


so i wonder what should i look for and where?

im not so good at c++ only self learnd alittle but i dont know how to code so yea:) vut i try.


i dont know if i need more work on the code later on, for it slike 4 years old or so.


thanks for the help.

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To answer your last 2 questions:

  1. That "green" BankItem method is indeed only declared, but never implemented (defined) - maybe it was supposed to do something, but in the meanwhile the original devs have found a better sollution and forgot to remove it. Anyway, if that method is never called, the compiler will not complain about it not being defined. You can safely delete it from Player.h too.
  2. The placement is technically ok. From the logical point of view, it could be added above or beyond the IsInDuelWith declaration.
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oo ok i will do that... but i can give all the error its toons i did get one about spell. and i tryed Spell skills Skills Spells but still same error. so thats why i try to learn how to see and fic it for its to many to give here.


i can give you the files and you can look at it maybe eaiser, they modded so they work with the new code,

modded i mean like this:


#include "../WorldHandlers/GossipDef.h"
#include "../MotionGenerators/MotionMaster.h"
#include "../Object/AuctionHouseMgr.h"
#include "../WorldHandlers/Mail.h"
#include "../Object/Guild.h"
#include "../WorldHandlers/GuildMgr.h"
#include "../Tools/Language.h"
#include <iomanip>

for its so old i needed to go thought all the files and do this. was a fun hunting... i think i did get all of them.


you have all the files here. the Cmake.txt file you need to change i think i dont know if it works or not or if i needed to make a new dir and added the code in the .sln later when i went into VC but well its there if it needs to be.


i think playerbots on TBC whould make it alot more fun so that's why i want to try getting it to work.


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oo ok. but i will try my best to do this... 


do you have skype or something whould be easier to post my changes and ask about my problems there a faster wat. ofc you can awnser when you get time.


add me: qvika_gilla

Display name: Aldra



its alot of stuff i dont understand. but i guess that for i have not study any c++ so i try to learn in a harder way awww

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