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All mobs are skull level



Just set up the most recent mangosOne core and db, but upon playing it noticed that all mobs/npcs have 'skull' difficulty. The in-game name plates show them as level 0, but otherwise everything else (hp etc) seems correct.

I just logged on to your test server (Covenant-WoW) and noticed I had the same problem there, so it can't be my core or DB that's faulty.

Is this a known bug?

Otherwise the only thing I could think of is that there must be something wrong with my client, but I don't have the problem using this client on other TBC servers. Should i re-download a new client? 

Unfortunately it's not just a visual issue, as I get no XP for mob kills.

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2 minutes ago, xat said:

Thanks for this. Yeah it certainly stops it from being playable.

I'm assuming this is a problem with the DB then and would get handled with a DB update?

That is correct as far as im aware.. The project lead dev and a senior developer have both been informed and I do believe they are looking at this now :)

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1 hour ago, xat said:

Ok cool!

I was using the most recent DB on github, so there will be an update at some point that need to be run to fix it?

This turned out not to be a database issue, but rather a core issue. So the core would need to be rebuilt once the commit is either reverted or fixed in the server repo.

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