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  1. The following quest are having a bug: http://www.wowhead.com/quest=1079/covert-ops-alpha http://www.wowhead.com/quest=1080/covert-ops-beta Each quest gives: http://www.wowhead.com/item=5738/covert-ops-pack which needs conditions to reward correct loot based on quest taken, to prevent doubling items etc. Then there we have the actual looted items: 5692 5693 5694 5695 5737 And they cast spells: 6626,6656,6630,6627 All spells trigger events: 694 691 693 692 Two of those events spawn two GOs: 19592,19601 which act as Spell Focuses for the two remaining events. Last
  2. /* * Explosive Sheep */ enum { SPELL_EXPLOSIVE_SHEEP_PASSIVE = 4051, SPELL_EXPLOSIVE_SHEEP = 4050 }; struct npc_explosive_sheepAI : ScriptedPetAI { explicit npc_explosive_sheepAI(Creature* pCreature) : ScriptedPetAI(pCreature) { m_creature->SetCanModifyStats(true); if (m_creature->GetCharmInfo()) m_creature->GetCharmInfo()->SetReactState(REACT_AGGRESSIVE); npc_explosive_sheepAI::Reset(); npc_explosive_sheepAI::ResetCreature(); } bool m_bExploded; uint32 m_uiAliveTimer; void Reset() overr
  3. What about Phase 4 : Fix pathfinding / NPC on transports ?
  4. Here is a minor request for you guys. During opening cinematic, once you've created your character, you've got that nice slow traveling camera move to introduce your lands. The thing is, you don't see any object, pnj, players away from the character >= Visibility.Distance.Continents.
  5. Any update on this particular topic ? We're still facing sync issue with the tram and we never get the two lines working simultaneously without doing similar workaround from @madmax.
  6. Hello, As of today, the following NPC "Fizzlebang Booms" is missing in Ironforge. I can't find its entry within creature. > http://www.wowhead.com/npc=5569 This NPC is a vendor of fireworks and is supposed to be inside the shop "Things That Go Boom!" within Tinker Town.
  7. Hey everyone, I recently joined this getmangos community and hope to see it continuously growing ! I've been in the emulation world for a long time now (since WowwoW and the first Python emulator for 0.11). My nickname by that time was Valkirie and I was working on "leaking" Wowemu from (WAD). Todo so, I worked with Catvir to retrieve the zipped file from WAD acquired by server paying for it using php injection on the registration webpage on port 8080. Then, I worked for myself or with teams like Blackstorm and WDDG. As of today, I am working on my own vanillla server both en
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