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  1. I downloaded latest version from here(but didn't use Git, just pressed Download ZIP). Spell Shadow Word Pain (Rank 10) learned from trainer, I didn't apply any other auras\spells\talents or any to my character or NPC Crawler. Core crashes every time, my console says I'm using "Server Version : 2111002".
  2. Still happens. Killed Crawler with Shadow Word: Pain (Rank 10) and got instant core crash.
  3. Talent seems to work properly for now. At least about increasing movement speed.
  4. Hey, I really want to try, but have no time right now( I will try later if nobody does it.
  5. Odeyal


    Looks like now its ok.
  6. I am newbie in fixing core. But I have fixed it this way: 1. Open game\Object\Unit.cpp 2. Find line #959 3. Change if (!se->procFlags && (se->AuraInterruptFlags & AURA_INTERRUPT_FLAG_DAMAGE)) On if (se->AuraInterruptFlags & AURA_INTERRUPT_FLAG_DAMAGE) Done. Again, I am newbie and not sure about this fix, may be it can break something.
  7. Now still get crash core on killing minions this way. Example: warlock's pet, bandit's warlock pet in Tanaris or Stranglethorn Vale. Note: to reproduce this you need to see "Minion"(not "Guardian" or "Pet") under npc's name.

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