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  1. Wait, now I've got myself confused; that's wrong. It should be: 1/2: Rejold's New Brew (415)/Shimmer Stout (413) (both available from start) 3: The Perfect Stout (315) (enabled by 1) 4: Stout to Kadrell (414) (enabled by 2) Edit: 4 enabled by 2
  2. Edit: see next post, disregard this one 1 and 2 should be switched, but I think due to an oversight on Blizzard's part, 315 was also available without completing 415. So it'd kind of be 1/2 at the same time, then 3, then 4
  3. Current sequencing: Both "The Perfect Stout" and "Rejold's New Brew" are available from the start, "Shimmer Stout" is not Turning in "Rejold's New Brew" disables "The Perfect Stout" and enables "Shimmer Stout Intuitively, this makes no sense: "Rejold's New Brew" is the breadcrumb quest to get new characters from Kharanos to Brewnall; it even turns in at the same NPC you pick up the other two from. Following this sequence in its current state means you lock yourself out of "The Perfect Stout" and its item reward by following the most natural progression. It seems likely that there would be comments about this on the old pages on Wowhead if this was the case, but the only relevant comment is this one, which suggests Shimmer Stout is available from the start and turning it in can lock out Rejold's New Brew (something which is impossible given this sequencing; Shimmer Stout can't even be picked up until after Rejold's New Brew is turned in). There are no comments that suggest that "The Perfect Stout" can be locked out in any way. Here are two possible alternative sequences I've found based on information available in the various WoW databases: This WotLK database suggests the following sequence: Only "The Perfect Stout" is available from the start at Brewnall. Turning in "The Perfect Stout" enables both "Rejold's New Brew" at Kharanos and "Shimmer Stout" at Brewnall. This doesn't really make sense either (why would you need to go west, complete the first quest, then go back east to pick up the breadcrumb?), but it has the benefit of preventing any quest from being locked out by another. ClassicDB, a vanilla database, suggests a different sequence, and in my opinion, this one makes the most sense: Rejold's New Brew is available from the start at Kharanos (and possibly Shimmer Stout, based on the old Wowhead comment attached to the article) Shimmer Stout is either available from the start or enabled after turning in Rejold's New Brew (as it is right now). If it is available from the start, completing it before turning in Rejold's New Brew locks you out of the breadcrumb. If it is unlocked after turning in Rejold's New Brew, it follows a linear progression and nothing can be locked out. Turning in Rejold's New Brew enables The Perfect Stout, which cannot be accepted before that point. This means that if Shimmer Stout is available from the start, you could lock out both quests by completing it first. This seems the most reasonable to me. It means the breadcrumb is available from the start (unlike the WotLK db sequence) and completing it won't lock anything out. It also fits with the comment on Wowhead that suggests Shimmer Stout can lock out Rejold's New Brew (possibly an oversight on Blizzard's part, this is the kind of thing you sometimes saw with early vanilla quests), and it means the most obvious and natural progression allows all three quests to be completed. Granted, there is some degree of speculation here, so if anyone can weigh in with some actual footage showing these quests from 3.3.5 or earlier, that would probably be helpful. Ultimately kind of a minor thing, but since it happens early on, it'll affect a lot of people. 2018-10-26 13-16-56.mp4 2018-10-26 13-16-56.mp4 2018-10-26 13-16-56.mp4 2018-10-26 13-16-56.mp4
  4. I saw this happen a few minutes ago while I wasn't recording, so I turned on OBS and tried to replicate it. Took about ten minutes to reproduce it, but sure enough, the leper gnomes can parry attacks from behind while they're running away. I'm guessing this applies to other NPCs that flee as well. I've attached a video, it happens about 37 seconds in; I've also attached a screenshot of the exact moment it happens. Obviously, the way parry is supposed to work, NPCs (and PCs) are not supposed to be able to parry attacks from behind (block should work this way as well, I didn't test for that). This was an explicit change made in patch 1.3.0 and this has been the intended behavior ever since, even with parry becoming more or less irrelevant in the most recent expansions. This is on the MaNGOS WotLK test server (Covenant, Solar Flare). Observed and reported 10/26/2018. 2018-10-26 12-02-00.mp4
  5. For the Hallow's End quest "Fire Brigade Practice," the scarecrows should be on fire and dousing them with the bucket should count toward quest progress (correct behavior shown in this video from Wowhead). When tested, no fire was present and dousing the area where the fire should be didn't advance the quest. See attached video for current behavior. This is on the MaNGOS WotLK test server (Covenant, Solar Flare). Only the Dun Morogh version was tested. Quest ID 11439, reported 10/26/2018. 2018-10-26 11-22-31.mp4
  6. The quest "Now This is Ram Racing... Almost." should automatically mount the PC on a ram. The quest doesn't do this and there doesn't appear to be any way to do this. This video shows what should happen (this is from a later expansion but as far as I know, the quest works the same way). It looks like the quest is supposed to auto-cast this spell on you and then this spell on completion; the first auto-mounts the ram, the second dismounts it. (Not shown in the attached video, but I also tried using the item directly from the bag instead of the quest tracker; didn't make a difference) Quest ID 11318, reported 10/10/2018, MaNGOS Two test server Covenant - Solar Flare. 2018-10-10 13-08-53.mp4
  7. The Brewfest quest "Chug and Chuck!" does not register progress after using the item on the NPC. Video attached. This is on the MaNGOS WotLK test server (Covenant, Solar Flare). Horde version was not tested. (The other quest item in the backpack is Amethyst Phial and is unrelated to this quest) Quest ID 12022, reported 10/10/2018 2018-10-10 12-51-34.mp4
  8. Here's my complete report for the shifting sands questline. Consider everything tested through "The Might of Kalimdor" tested unless noted otherwise. Test server is Mangos Two Rel19 with the default script engine (ScriptDev2, not sure which version). Note that is is VERY LONG, since it's a complete report. What Tomorrow Brings: Quest functions correctly. Going near Anachronos correctly triggers the completion objective. Only One May Rise: This requires passing through parts of BWL, so I'll briefly touch on a few of the bugs I did or did not encounter along the way. Attunement quest for BWL works correctly (depending on expansion may be required for BWL entry). Rend Blackhand boss script works well enough to finish, gaining entry to the next part of UBRS, where BWL entrance is. Cannot test Razorgore boss battle by myself, skipping. Lord Victor Nefarius is interactable before the Vaelastrasz event. This is a minor bug. Vaelastrasz interact dialog is minorly bugged, showing the default "Greetings, " but still allowing the proper ineraction options to begin the fight. Skipped the corrupted whelp section. Killing Broodlord Lashlayer drops the quest item. So, assuming everything associated with Razorgore works correctly and the corrupted whelp section has the correct mechanics, this quest works. VERY MINOR bug: the completion text for "Only One May Rise" has "in" capitalized for no reason. It was not capitalized in the original, according to both wowpedia and wowhead. If this was intentional, disregard. The Path of the Righteous: Collecting silithid carapace fragments works correctly. Same minor bug as previous quest: progress and completion dialogs have "in" capitalized when there's no reason for it. The Hand of the Righteous: Did not test Proxy item. Quest is otherwise identical to previous. Same weird capitalization of "in" on progress portion. Anachronos: Quest is offered upon gaining neutral rep. Did not check if it's mistakenly offered earlier, but it is correctly offered at 0 neutral. Quest itself functions normally. Bug: the "Path of the X" quests are not mutually exclusive. Long Forgotten Memories: Broken. The objective doesn't complete upon nearing the tear or even if you outright interact with it. Simple fix; just make the objective complete upon nearing it. A Pawn on the Eternal Board: Cutscene seems to play somewhat correctly. It's not entirely correct; here's how it should look: [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbK0_3NW280[/url] Dialog is incorrect at places; correct dialog is here: [url]http://wowpedia.org/Quest:A_Pawn_on_the_Eternal_Board[/url] Finishing the cutscene correctly awards the quest objective, allowing progression. Minor bug: turning in the quest doesn't automatically bring up the dialog for "The Charge of the Dragonflights." Eranikus, Tyrant of the Dream: Script plays correctly upon entering Chamber of the Dreamer. Malfurion appears, correctly offering the quest. Tyrande and Remulos: No bugs. The Nightmare's Corruption: Twilight Corrupter spawning script does not happen. When someone on this quest enters the Twilight Grove, they should receive a whisper from the Twilight Corrupter. This spawns the creature in, roughtly around the area of the moonwell at 49 33. Additionally, spawning the creature in using the console renders him as friendly. Dream Bough fragment drops off adds correctly. Seradane fragment drops correctly. Bough Shadow fragment drops correctly. The Nightmare Manifests: Scripted boss encounter begins correctly. Eranikus "floats" instead of flies. Minor bug. Tested fight through engagement phase, works fine up to there. Turn-in works. The Champion Returns: Correctly provides green shard. Turn-in works. Nefarius's Corruption: Quest begins off Vaelastrasz. Everyting is the same as it was in the earlier run through BWL, except this run's a bit longer. Starting where we left off: All bosses up to Nefarian seem to work. Nefarian engages correctly, but immediately fears himself through a wall. He's then attackable when he shouldn't be (he should be unattackable in phase 1), and going near him seems to teleport me through the floor. Also, the adds you are supposed to kill often go through walls. Didn't test much in phase 2, I just nuked him. I tested the victory condition (kill him in under 5 hours) but not the fail condition (kill him after five hours). Upon beating him in under five hours, he's supposed to drop the Red Scepter Shard, which he does. So that works, which means the major part of the quest works just fine. However, he is NOT supposed to drop his "you failed the quest" item that he drops if you take more than five hours, "From the Desk of Lord Victor Nefarius." Except he does. That's a minor bug; he should only drop that if you take more than five hours from starting the quest to killing him. Azuregos's Magical Ledger: Azuregos himself is not interactable to give the item to begin the quest. This is a minor glitch, because there's an alternate NPC (Spirit of Azuregos) that allows the quest begin because Azuregos doubles as a raid boss. However, you're also uanble to get the item from his spirit even when you should be able to. This is a major bug and means the quest is broken at this part. Starting the quest from the item works fine once you have it. Translating the Ledger: No bugs. Stewvul, Ex-B.F.F.: Quest completes from the Inconspicuous Crate, but does not offer the next stage. Scrying Goggles? No Problem!: No bugs. Supposedly, as of patch 3.0, they have a 100% drop rate off the first mob you kill in MC; this appears to be implemented correctly on Mangos Two. Never Ask Me About My Business: No bugs. The Isle of Dread!: No bugs. Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops: Did not test item acquisition. Quest works fine once you have the items. Return to Narain: No bugs. Draconic for Dummies: No bugs. rAnS0m: No bugs. Decoy!: You cannot place the gold at the drop-off location, meaning you cannot begin the event. Details about what the event should play out like can be found in the comments here: [url]http://www.wowhead.com/quest=8606[/url] Take a look at the screenshots for reference as to whereabouts you should be able to place the gold. Note that the official script was a bit buggy, too. Post-script: I forgot I had GM mode on while testing this one. That may have affected the ability to place the gold bag. The Only Prescription: Minor bugs only. Minor bug: Narain is supposed to say some stuff if you haven't looted any of the chapters to give you a hint. Details at [url]http://wowpedia.org/Quest:The_Only_Prescription[/url] Minor bug: Dr. Weavil does not seem to use his abilities during his battle. Only tested solo, maybe this affects it? Chapter VI drops correctly off level 80 version of Onyxia. Minor bug on the way to Ragnaros: Executus' dialog after his defeat has at least one minor typo. Ragnaros boss fight mechanics seemed off, but I didn't stop to really look into it. Once defeated, he drops his chapter just fine. All other chapters can be collected fine. Binding the book once you have all the chapters works fine. The Good News and The Bad News: Did not test item acquisition. Turn-in works fine once you have the items. The Wrath of Neptulon: The "swirling maelstrom" should be at about 65.8 54.8 Azshara. There's nothing to indicate it's there, though. Summoning at that location works fine. Did not notice any fight mechanics in the "Maws" fight, meaning boss is probably bugged. Killing boss correctly drops the shard. The Might of Kalimdor: Turn-in works correctly. Bug: I did not receive "The Scepter of the Shifting Sands" as a quest reward. Bang a Gong!: Cannot test on Mangos Two. Spawning the correct gong after completing "The Might of Kalimdor" with the Scepter in my inventory and quest 8743 added manually still does not offer the turn-in. I seem to remember that it works with the proper gong in Mangos Zero, but someone else will have to verify. Only one person per server should be able to turn in (I don't know about acquisition, though). Keep in mind that there are some time and server-wide turn-in requirements associated with even acquiring the quest and such. Once the quest is turned in, see what I said at the beginning about the old gong being despawned and replaced with a new one. Treasure of the Timeless One: I was not able to turn in this quest before completion of the "The Might of Kalimdor" and was able to turn in fine after finishing that quest. This is correct behavior. However, this quest should only be available if the 10 Hour War event has already been completed. Since I tested on Mangos Two, that's probably fine that it was offered immediately unless the devs plan to allow the event to occur on these servers, in which case the quest should be restricted until the completion of the event. Also, Jonathan's completion dialog wasn't displayed on the turn-in screen. You can find that here: [url]http://wowpedia.org/Quest:Treasure_of_the_Timeless_One[/url] That should be everything. Again, this was tested on Mangos Two, Rel19.
  9. I can do some testing on this, but it will be on Mangos Two, which means I won't be able to actually check the event scripts, just most of the quests leading up to it. I did some testing regarding this event about a year ago on Mangos Zero and here's briefly what I remember from that. 1. The gong has two different object IDs, one for before it has been rang, one for after. Researching a bit just not, it seems the ID for before it has been rang is 180717, the ID for after is 180718. The version found in all servers (to my knowledge) is the post-ringing version, which means that even if someone completes the entire shifting sands questline, it's impossible to trigger the event right now. To fix this, the version in servers where this event will be available should be 180717; once it has been rang with the quest "Bang a Gong!" a script should despawn it permanently and replace it with 180718. Wowhead doesn't list 180718, so it's possible that the two entries were just merged into 180717 after Cataclysm. 2. I seem to remember that turning in "Bang a Gong!" correctly announced the event begin dialog to the world but didn't actually run any of the mob-spawning scripts. 3. Several of the quests in the chain are near-broken or completely broken. I'm going to test a bit and I'll get back with specifics on this.
  10. Impossible to start instance The Alliance/Horde specific NPC necessary to start the Halls of Reflection instance (and to complete the "Frostmourne" quest) is not present in the instance. The Alliance NPC is 37221, the Horde NPC is 37223. These NPCs should be present upon entering, no script required (I think). There are different versions of these two spawned by script later on, but these are the correct ones to be there at the start. Additionally, when spawned via GM, the dialog to start HoR is not present on these NPCs. This means that even if the NPCs are added, HoR cannot be started. Since this prevents Halls of Reflection from even starting, I'm setting this as urgent. Tested on Alliance/Horde, normal mode only. Rel19.
  11. NPC never becomes attackable The intro script for Scourgelord Tyrannus plays pretty well right up until the end, where it bugs completely. Tyrannus is never made attackable, making it impossible to begin the fight. Tested on Horde, normal mode. Rel19, default ScriptDev2.
  12. Krick despawns after Ick dies Krick despawns after Ick dies, which leads to his dialog and voice clips not playing for the rest of the script. Tested on Horde, normal mode. Rel19 using built-in ScriptDev2. Edit: on subsequent tests: one time, Krick was alive, but attackable, and the script never finished. Another time, Krick was "alive" but not targetable and the script never played. Recommend looking into this a bit more, since it seems to bug in a different way each time.
  13. Pit of Saron: Forgemaster Garfrost death script is bugged. On retesting, seems to work fine. Recommend closing/deleting issue.
  14. Should jump at 66% and 33% At 66%, Forgemaster Garfrost should hop to the eastern forge in his lair and upgrade his weapon using the appropriate spell. At 33%, he should jump to the southern one and upgrade it again. Currently, he correctly stuns the players and upgrades his weapon, but he never jumps over to the forges as he should. Instead, he stays wherever he was before as he upgrades his weapons. Tested on Horde normal mode, but probably affects all modes. Rel19. Recommending normal priority because this is a bugged boss mechanic for a major dungeon. Edit: this is probably a script bug, now that I think about it. Probably toss this over to the script section.
  15. Horde version has predominantly Alliance slaves The Horde version of Pit of Saron has almost entirely Alliance slaves, with the only Horde slaves being those that are in the Alliance version of the instance. Do not know if this affects the associated quest or not; if it does, it's higher priority, if not, it's lower priority. Possibly related bug: [url]https://www.getmangos.eu/issue.php?issueid=404[/url] Affects both normal and heroic modes. Horde only. Rel19. EDIT: This seems to also affect whether Martin Victus or Gorkun Ironskull is in the instance.

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