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  1. Have you tried running 'clean solution' before rebuilding the solution ?
  2. I can confirm the TBB will not build in VS2012 atm, you will need to use VS2010
  3. The more the merrier, we are hoping to have a small showcase of some of the best on the new mangos landing page coming soon !
  4. The last time that i tried to build cata in VS2012, i could only get it to build when choosing debug rather than release.
  5. yes Very much like that
  6. Hi Guys, really want to get some definite stuff in place ready for the new year goodness that's coming. I would appreciate anyone letting me know of there interest in getting this going asap and volunteers to help keep it going. Either reply to this topic or PM me. Thanks in advance
  7. Might be a silly question, but is there a location for storing PDF's etc. at Mangos ?
  8. I prepared a guide for building a Windows MAngos WOLK Server as a virtual Machine. I took a slightly different approach to most and also made the server the build server, but the steps are fairly obvious I prepared it while I was creating a server, its a bit old now but the majority of it will still be valid Its a word document, but happy to share it with anyone - just PM me and let me know your email address and i'll send it
  9. That support is already there, If you post a problem we try our best to answer it.
  10. I've been very quiet for a while since my wife has been extremely ill, i'm hoping to get my preliminary changes for all 5 cores uploaded soon. So i'm around if you need any info please PM me ! On another note The you are impatient and want changes now... Learn to do it yourself and then help others, otherwise you will have to wait for others to do it - These things take an awful long time to do, especially when learning as you go along. The changes i'm working on are relatively simple, but are taking much longer than planned due to bugs/quirks. The main thing is to keep things here as p
  11. yeah 4.0.0 was the beta, retail started from 4.0.1. I lot of things/files/file contents changed from the beta to the retail version. It might be worth downloading the version mentioned in another post as i've tested it and it works perfectly
  12. The procedure is much the same as for WOLK. However the functionality of the game is CATA release is severely limited atm. - Unless you wish to work on helping to develop the core further, I would advise using the WOLK version of the core.
  13. There are several versions of Mangos for each of the main versions of wow. You need the Cataclysm version, please see this post for the latest url:- http://getmangos.eu/bb/topic/206/mangos-sourceproject-list/
  14. From my understanding of things..... There are several databases:- Mangos - Contains all the world objects / creatures / items etc. ScriptDev2 - Contains scripting details for anything that requires special actions ACID - Is an additional ScriptDev2 library (i don't know much more than that) The Mangos project contains the server code + Blank Database (Populated Databases are available) The ScriptDev2 project contains an addon scripting library for Mangos + Database ACID contains a script to be run against the ScriptDev2 Database Hope this helps
  15. found the solution..... define the table using the following:- DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COLLATE=utf8_general_ci and also execute this before importing any data:- SET NAMES UTF8;
  16. Whats the best table encoding to store non-ansi characters like the ones below. CREATE TABLE `dbc_DeclinedWord` ( `Col0` BIGINT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `Col1` TEXT NOT NULL) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COLLATE=utf8_unicode_ci COMMENT='Export of DeclinedWord'; INSERT INTO `dbc_DeclinedWord` VALUES (741,"Косматый молодой волк"); INSERT INTO `dbc_DeclinedWord` VALUES (742,"Кролик"); INSERT INTO `dbc_DeclinedWord` VALUES (743,"Трогг Каменной Челюсти"); When these are imported into MYSQL they display corrupted
  17. Surely it would make sense to have the repository available (or at least the dev discussion area) for those who wish to contribute what they can. Cata is gone from live servers and the mangos version is barely beyond a beta. Doesn't it make sense to have a discussion area available to share ideas / code etc.
  18. I would do it like this.... mkdir mangos cd mangos git clone git://github.com/mangos/server.git cd server git clone git://github.com/mangos/scripts.git src/bindings/ScriptDev2 I would not do this bit... git apply src/bindings/ScriptDev2/patches/MaNGOS-*-ScriptDev2.patch
  19. what is git apply src/bindings/ScriptDev2/patches/MaNGOS-*-ScriptDev2.patch for ? as far as I know, its normally enough to grab the latest versions or Mangos and scriptdev2 and go. In fact, I can't say i've ever had to patch it like that
  20. sounds like your version of scriptdev2 doesnt match the version of mangos you are building, see this post to get the correct version:- http://getmangos.eu/bb/topic/206/mangos-sourceproject-list/
  21. Finally Once you guys wake up, how about a new commit - so that we can all pull the latest and greatest version. Thanks in advance
  22. Hi Guys, The other tower in Stormwind - between Trade and Old Town. There is a full instance there, much bigger than Stockades If you fly in from above, and walk down the stairs you will enter the instance Hope this helps
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