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  • Configuring the Client to point to your server


    Configuring the Client to point to your server

    These instructions vary slightly based on the version of the client you are using.

    For Classic / MangosZero or TBC / MangosOne, realmlist.wtf is in the root of the game folder.
    For Wotlk / MangosTwo, Cata / MangosThree or Mop/ MangosFour, realmlist.wtf is in the data/{locale} (i.e. enGB) off the root of the game folder.
    For Wod / MangosFive, config.wtf is in the wtf folder off the root of the game folder.

    1) Open the file realmlist.wtf (config.wtf for Wod) using Wordpad.

    you will see lines like:

    SET locale "enUS"
    SET portal "us"
    SET realmList "us.logon.worldofwarcraft.com"
    SET patchlist "us.version.worldofwarcraft.com"

    2) You need to change the realmlist and patchlist lines to the address of your server, Either:

    The value used for localaddress if you are inside the network (i.e. a LAN user)
    The value used for address if you are connecting to the network from outside the network (i.e. a WAN/Internet user)

    Assuming this is a Local LAN user and the address of the server on the network is, you would change the lines too:

    SET realmList ""
    SET patchlist ""

    3) Now save the file, then close Wordpad

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    It was mentioned, at least for Three/Cata (so Two/WotLK), and possibly any, to use "config.wtf" for all changes, to keep them in the same file, in case you see either file mentioned, both can work, just choose a preference.

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