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  • Installing Visual Studio 2015 (Community)


    Installing VS2015 Community Edition

    This install assumes that the Windows OS is patched to the most recent, VS2015 is a bit picky on the version it will install on now (blame MS not us).

    1) Download the installer from: VS2015 Community Edition  Other Versions can be downloaded from: VS - Older Versions

    2) There are some settings which must be changed from the defaults for MaNGOS to work correctly !!

     NOTE: Skipping steps 3 and 4 will prevent MaNGOS from building correctly.

    3) Change the option from 'Default' to 'Custom'


    4) Expand 'Programming Languages' and tick 'Visual C++'


    5) The rest of the install is standard.



    6) It should also install any VS updates as part of the install.



    7) To check that the VS2015 is correctly installed, try to create a new c++ solution (Win32 Project).


    8) You may get asked to pick some default project settings, just click through.

    If you get to a screen similar to the following, then you are good to go and you will be able to build mangos.


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    Thanks for the guide.  Currently removing the 2017 edition so I can install the 2015 edition and follow it properly.  Do note, if you do not have a subscription with Microsoft, the older versions are not available to download from them.  I just ran into that and had to find a copy elsewhere.

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    update about specific VS version
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    2019 community is current now, but not supported mentioned by Ace; no details on that currently, something about the changed build process.  In the same online installer client I downloaded for 2019 it also offered 2017 community in the available list, which I hear should work fine.  I had already tried it and the 30 day trial ran out, but you can get past that activating it by signing in: https://stackoverflow.com/a/43390495/1091943

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    Still couldn't get VS2017 to work any better until I got some other issues figured out.  Now that it has built through easy build but there any no real special profiles to take advantage of, I may only build without VS and just use attach to process instead.

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    Since updates, my other comments here, and my own recent success, I should report that Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition, version 16.9.2, EasyBuild version 2.2.6, and CMake version 3.18, all on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, I was able to build a MaNGOS core successfully, thanks to the great work of others!

    The VS minor and patch versions were both very important to keep updated throughout, but may hopefully be less important now.

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