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  • Mangos Online Translation Editor (MOTE)


    What is MOTE ?
    Mangos Online Translation Editor or MOTE for short is a word based translation editor for MaNGOS, it aims to massive simplify the Adding / Editing of Translations for all the MaNGOS tables.

    Why is it MOTE different to other translation projects ?
    - It has been designed to be multi-core compatible, therefore sharing the translations of matching text between the cores.
    - By being word based, rather than entry based, the translation of a word needs only be done once and it becomes available anywhere the English word is used.
    - A simple user interface makes changing text very easy.

    The Initial login screen: (guest as the username and password will grant you read only access)


    The default main screen:



    Searching for bread* with German translations:


    Green means it has a translation, Red means is doesn't
    Clicking on an entry highlights it, and also updates the 'context bar' below the search results


    The 0123 shows which core it's for. in this example there are two entries, one which is present in all 4, and the other only present in M1,2,3

    Double-clicking on an entry opens the translation edit screen:




    Double-clicking on an entry in the 'context bar' opens a screen to show how it's used:


    Clicking on either of the EDIT buttons will open the translation edit screen.

    If you would like to help contribute to the localisation effort, please contact @antz and he will provide you with the app and login credentials.



    Edited by antz

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    Hi there.

    Since language translation automation is very nice since few years, it would rather be more quick to let a bot parse some bulk 'todo' strings. and then just have to "review" the translation ;)

    I will have a try with French missing translations

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