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What the Heck happened to Antz and MaNGOS in 2018 !!

Well..... It was an eventful year for all the wrong reasons

The year started off to a shaky start with several of the main devs become ill and ended up being away for a while

In may, I myself ended up being ill for a period of time - I had just about recovered when my wife ended up in hospital for a while.

Then in August things went to hell for me completely. At the end of august, my daughter (who has a rare chromosome disorder) went for a routine eye test and while taking photo's of the back of her eyes they found something !
- This resulted in an immediate visit to hospital and a 3 day stay while they checked her over, while there they discovered a few more issues, one of which could be life changing.

From August until the end of 2018, we spent a significant amount of time at various hospitals undergoing various checks.

During this time I had to effectively 'step away' from MaNGOS to focus on my daughter and family.
- By the end of December 2018 we finally got to the point where things are now stable and my daughter is not getting any worse.

Which means that i'm back :D

In my absence @madmax, @Necrovoice, @Olion and @Talendrys among others have been holding the fort, but it also meant that progress across the board slowed down significantly.

During the last few weeks, I have been working hard to clear my backlog of work to try and back on top of things.
- i'm proud that i've managed to get the DbDocs updated (See the Wiki) as well as finally getting the Localisation project officially linked into the main database.

Hopefully in the coming months you will start to notice a new flow of improvements to all aspects of MaNGOS.
- Both the team at getMangos.eu and I would love to have you along for the journey.

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