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  • [NPC] Stratholme

    • Status: Completed
      Main Category: Database
      Sub-Category: Creature
      Version: 2.0.10 Milestone: 20 Priority: Normal
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    [NPC] Stratholme

    Hello. Currently the boss encounter "The Unforgiven" is not implemented/scripted into Stratholme.
    Source: [url]http://www.wowwiki.com/The_Unforgiven[/url]

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    Just been delving through the database and code, and it looks like the creature will need to be spawned via an area trigger (edu-guessing here).

    There's no creature table entry, so not spawned by default. There is a creature_template table entry: Entry: 10516 and creature_ai_script entries: 1051601, 1051602

    So, I'd say there needs to be an Area_Trigger function added to the instance_stratholme.cpp file (just as instance_naxxramas.cpp has). I could be wrong.

    Looking in the AreaTrigger.dbc file, we have 4 area trigger points:


    329 = the Stratholme map
    The next 3 are X, Y, and Z coordinates.

    Standing at that gate the creature is supposed to spawn near, gives us coordinates of: 3721.607 -3424.507 131.761

    Need to see where those area trigger coordinates take my toon.

    That's all I have looked at, at the moment. Will look into this further on the morrow. :)

    Oh, what creatures spawn with The Unforgiven ?

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    Oh well, I was wrong. Those Area Trigger coordinates do not take you anywhere near the place The Unforgiven and its buddies spawn.


    [COLOR="#0000FF"]Alonsus Chapel[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]Crusader's Square[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]Crusader's Square[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]Eastwall Gate[/COLOR] - these coords actually spawn you at a point that sort of teleports you to the Eastwall Gate

    I will have to look into this further, in order to come up with another way to get this creature into the world.

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    Okay, I now have another way to spawn The Unforgiven. All sorted except that I need to figure out how to test for player characters near to the spawn point. Plus find out what creature(s) spawn with The Unforgiven (not looked into that yet).

    [B]EDIT[/B]: Buddies of The Unforgiven
    [B]Vengeful Phantom[/B]
    Entry: 10387 (creature_template table)

    I haven't discovered how many of them are spawned, as yet. I'll set it to 3, for now.

    [B]EDIT again[/B]: At the bottom of the first linked page, the comment says "3-4 adds". Probably more a case of not knowing for sure, rather than being fact. But I will now randomise the number of adds, unless there is an objection.

    [B]EDIT Déjà Vu[/B]: Okay, this has been made more interesting. It appears that both The Unforgiven and its adds respawn after a certain time period. 10 to 15 mins for the adds. Not sure about the elite itself. I'll have to allow for this in the code. Need to implement a timer. Two timers! One for the adds and one for the elite. Those can be initiated via OnCreatureDeath( ) and kept up-to-date via Update( ), I reckon.

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    The one hurdle left to cross, I believe I have now succeeded in doing so: check for nearby players

    I figured in order to check that a player is within range of The Unforgiven's spawn point, we could do either:

    [B]Method 1:[/B] Check all players in the instance and compare their coordinates with that of The Unforgiven's


    [B]Method 2:[/B] Check all creatures within a certain range of The Unforgiven's spawn point, to see if any of them are Players

    Not sure which would be the better method of the two, but I can use [B]GetPlayers( )[/B] from the[B] Map class[/B] to iterate through all the players in the instance, so that's one method I can implement now.

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    [quote=cabfever]I like the way how deep you dive into the issue. Much appreciated! :)[/quote]

    Thanks :)

    I now have The Unforgiven spawning with 3 or 4 Vengeful Phantoms when a player crosses into the Unforgiven's area from either side of the gate.

    I only need to now set the spawn time for them, so that they pop back after a certain time (15 mins for the Vengeful Phantoms). I was going to do that via the OnCreatueDeath( ) function in instance_stratholme, but I should be able to do it when I spawn the creature. I should be able to set the spawn time:

    Something like (instance_stratholme.cpp):
    Creature* pTemp = pCreature->SummonCreature(NPC_VENGEFUL_PHANTOM, 3713.908f, -3430.042f, 131.010f, 6.2f, TEMPSUMMON_TIMED_OOC_DESPAWN, 2000000);

    TOTALLY made up function! I'll find out for sure what it is in a mo.

    Not sure what to set the Unforgiven's spawn time to. I know it should be more than the Vengeful Phantom's. Maybe 30 minutes.

    [B]EDIT:[/B] It looks like this is how to set the respawn time:

    pTemp->SetRespawnTime(900); // 15 minutes

    I'll test that now, then it's tidy up code and PR it all!!!

    [B]EDIT again:[/B] Yep, that worked. All of the Vengeful Phantoms respawned :D
    All that needs to be done now is to make the code look pretty. One for the morrow, me thinks. Telly and chill time now :D

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    [COLOR="#0000CD"][B]Just as a note:[/B][/COLOR]

    The Unforgiven will also be added to: One (TBC), Two (WoTLK), and Three (CATA). I have no idea if this elite still exists in MoP.

    I have just created a Pull Request for One.

    Next: install WOTLK and getmangos Two server/DB, so that I can add this elite and its adds

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