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  • A new server crash!

    • Status: Cannot Reproduce
      Main Category: Core / Mangos Daemon
      Sub-Category: Core Crash
      Version: 21.0 Milestone: 20 Priority: New
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Looks like pet death again...

    I was on my server alone, doing some testing and levelling my lock outside Hammerfall. I killed a few spiders, but my voidwalker was weak. I am not sure if the spider died or my VW died, but the server crashed.
    AttackerStateUpdate: (NPC) 11755 attacked 25 (TypeId: 3) for 33 dmg, absorbed 0, blocked 0, resisted 0.
    PeriodicTick: Creature (Entry: 2563 Guid: 14758) attacked Pet (Petnumber: 279 Guid: 25) for 14 dmg inflicted by 744
    deal dmg:14 to health:13
    DealDamage Creature (Entry: 2563 Guid: 14758) Killed Pet (Petnumber: 279 Guid: 25)
    creature 25 stopped attacking creature 11755
    creature 11755 stopped attacking creature 25
    Aura 3 now is remove mode 4
    Aura 3 now is remove mode 4
    Aura 79 now is remove mode 0
    AURA MOD DAMAGE type:1 negative:0
    Aura 133 now is remove mode 0
    Aura 132 now is remove mode 0
    DealDamageEnd returned 14 damage

    Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
    [Switching to Thread 0xb20f1b70 (LWP 13613)]
    0x00000010 in ?? ()
    (gdb) backtrace
    #0 0x00000010 in ?? ()
    #1 0x0882d972 in Aura::UpdateAura (this=0xb77c43f0, diff=100)
    at /home/---/zero/src/server/src/game/WorldHandlers/SpellAuras.h:455
    #2 0x0882cd04 in SpellAuraHolder::Update (this=0xea1d020, diff=100)
    at /home/---/zero/src/server/src/game/WorldHandlers/SpellAuras.cpp:5445
    #3 0x086a039d in SpellAuraHolder::UpdateHolder (this=0xea1d020, diff=100)
    at /home/---/zero/src/server/src/game/WorldHandlers/SpellAuras.h:154
    #4 0x0868ae51 in Unit::_UpdateSpells (this=0xd0674f8, time=100)
    at /home/---/zero/src/server/src/game/Object/Unit.cpp:2979
    #5 0x08681d02 in Unit::Update (this=0xd0674f8, update_diff=100, p_time=100)
    at /home/---/zero/src/server/src/game/Object/Unit.cpp:329
    #6 0x0871aefa in Creature::Update (this=0xd0674f8, update_diff=100, diff=100)
    at /home/---/zero/src/server/src/game/Object/Creature.cpp:582
    #7 0x086b6216 in Pet::Update (this=0xd0674f8, update_diff=100, diff=100)
    at /home/---/zero/src/server/src/game/Object/Pet.cpp:600
    #8 0x087d9ba0 in WorldObject::UpdateHelper::Update (this=0xb20effc4,
    time_diff=100) at /home/---/zero/src/server/src/game/Object/Object.h:473
    #9 0x087da30a in MaNGOS::ObjectUpdater::Visit (this=0xb20f11a0, m=...)
    at /home/---/zero/src/server/src/game/WorldHandlers/GridNotifiersImpl.h:54
    #10 0x087e73a8 in VisitorHelper<:objectupdater creature> (v=..., c=...)
    at /home/---/zero/src/server/src/framework/GameSystem/TypeContainerVisitor.h:72
    #11 0x087e7020 in VisitorHelper<:objectupdater creature typelist typenull> > > (v=..., c=...)
    at /home/---/zero/src/server/src/framework/GameSystem/TypeContainerVisitor.h:85
    #12 0x087e69de in VisitorHelper<:objectupdater player typelist typenull> > > > (v=..., c=...)
    at /home/---/zero/src/server/src/framework/GameSystem/TypeContainerVisitor.h:86
    #13 0x087e5c8f in VisitorHelper<:objectupdater typelist typenull> > > > > (v=..., c=...)
    at /home/---/zero/src/server/src/framework/GameSystem/TypeContainerVisitor.h:98
    #14 0x087e4a62 in TypeContainerVisitor<:objectupdater typemapcontainer typelist typenull> > > > > >::Visit (this=0xb20f1198, c=...)
    at /home/---/zero/src/server/src/framework/GameSystem/TypeContainerVisitor.h:127
    #15 0x087e2cc9 in Grid > > >, TypeList > > > >::Visit<:objectupdater> (this=0xded9944, visitor=...)
    at /home/---/zero/src/server/src/framework/GameSystem/Grid.h:111
    #16 0x087e04d4 in NGrid > > >, TypeList > > > >::Visit<:objectupdater typelist typenull> > > > > (this=0xded0538, x=@0xb20f00dc: 10, y=@0xb20f00d8: 9,
    at /home/---/zero/src/server/src/framework/GameSystem/NGrid.h:360
    #17 0x087dc460 in Map::Visit<:objectupdater typemapcontainer typelist typenull> > > > > >
    (this=0xbb079c0, cell=..., visitor=...)
    at /home/---/zero/src/server/src/game/WorldHandlers/Map.h:446
    #18 0x087d3720 in Map::Update (this=0xbb079c0, t_diff=@0xb20f123c: 100)
    at /home/---/zero/src/server/src/game/WorldHandlers/Map.cpp:521
    #19 0x088e23d2 in MapManager::Update (this=0xa63d5c8, diff=49)
    at /home/---/zero/src/server/src/game/WorldHandlers/MapManager.cpp:184
    #20 0x087f03ab in World::Update (this=0x8e4f290, diff=49)
    at /home/---/zero/src/server/src/game/WorldHandlers/World.cpp:1498
    #21 0x085b741f in WorldRunnable::run (this=0xa62af40)
    at /home/---/zero/src/server/src/mangosd/WorldRunnable.cpp:66
    #22 0x0898c141 in ACE_Based::Thread::ThreadTask (param=0xa62af40)
    at /home/---/zero/src/server/src/shared/Threading.cpp:197
    #23 0xb7f43171 in ACE_OS_Thread_Adapter::invoke() ()
    from /usr/lib/libACE-6.0.3.so
    #24 0xb7f051cf in ace_thread_adapter () from /usr/lib/libACE-6.0.3.so
    #25 0xb77ccc39 in start_thread ()
    from /lib/i386-linux-gnu/i686/cmov/libpthread.so.0
    #26 0xb77399fe in clone () from /lib/i386-linux-gnu/i686/cmov/libc.so.6
    Heck, it may be aura related according to the backtrace. Oh, and upon closer inspection, my VW died.

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