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  • Discuss adding options for world grids

    • Status: Completed
      Main Category: Core / Mangos Daemon
      Sub-Category: Player Interaction
      Version: 22.1 Milestone: 21 Priority: Normal
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Discuss adding options for world grids

    Currently the mangos core uses grids to detect where players are in the world and then spawn creatures/NPCs on the active grids.

    Desired Outcome

    All grids within a city remain active state if one player is at any location within the city. If no players are in a city then all the city grids move to idle state.

    A player questing in Elwynn Forest will have the grid active they are on + one grid active around each side of that active grid at all times.

    Options for the range of grids activated should be added to mangosd.conf and options for keeping city wide area's active with/without players.

    The definition of city I am using is pretty wide I also include in this definition Faction cities and sanctuary's.

    Capital cities

    Thunder Bluff


    A player is in Stormwind city trade district and all NPCs for Stormwind are spawned.

    The player heads for the Stormwind gates to go to Elwynn Forest, before he travels through the gates the server has already worked out he might be heading there and activated the Elwynn Forest grid right outside the gate.

    User Feedback

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    This commit should allow that. I updated my mangos.conf and continents 0 and 1 stay active and the 'wanderers' seem to be wandering !


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    mangosd.conf "Living World" option
    - I seem to recall Antz saying it used 2gb of memory, which sounds good to me. Assuming dedicated machine is used.
    I need to test this out on my way crappy Linux server, which has 4 gig of ram!!! plus some totally sub standard processor (not even quad core!) :)

    Having a choice, one being what Talendrys says, would be excellent, especially for those who haven't got the resources to allow for a "Living World".

    Quote by Antz in a recent conversation, when he was explaining what "Living World" meant:
    "on my server, uses 2gb of memory"
    " LoadAllGridsOnMaps = "1,0" "

    I'm amazed I remembered that. My memory must be improving, lol

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