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  • Hunter Pet Despawn

    • Status: Completed
      Main Category: Core / Mangos Daemon
      Sub-Category: Minor
      Version: 21.0 Milestone: 20 Priority: New
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Hunter Pet Despawn

    If your pet reach 0 hp, instead of dying it will despawn. When you call it back he will respawn with 1 hp (making the spell Revive Pet useless). This shouldn't be the case: if the pet dies it should show death animation and remain on the ground. Then you would have to revive him.

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    I managed to get this fixed. (with the help of Olion)

    PS: i dont know how to add this to the main source.

    In Pet.cpp
    case CORPSE:

    case CORPSE:
    if (getPetType() != HUNTER_PET || m_corpseRemoveTime {
    Unsummon(PET_SAVE_NOT_IN_SLOT); //hunters' pets never get removed because of death, NEVER!

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    [quote=H0zen]Fixed with [URL="https://github.com/mangoszero/server/pull/126"]this PR[/URL][/quote]

    I tested it now. but if you dismis your pet, you remove your pet.
    and is your pet dies, and you die, you also lose your pet.

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