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  • Low level quests not obeying config file

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    They won't show even when set to -1

    The configuration file (mangosd.conf) says to set the low level hid difference to -1 to show all quests below your level. This is not working.
    Quests.LowLevelHideDiff = -1
    Pasted from my configuration file. In-game I cannot see anything below green quests, making it hard to do extra quests, such as the Valley of Trials as a Tauren who is 28.

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    Odd, I had replied one evening with my troubleshooting steps. I must have closed the browser prior to it going all the way through. I tried all kinds of settings for this variable, including 30, which means level one quests SHOULD show up all the way up to level 30 or 31. Nothing worked. I also did some debugging in GDB, but I do not have the data now. I believe the variable kept setting to some other value, but I did not figure out why.

    Also, I am closing this since a new thread on the same subject has been opened which is getting some attention. The new one is ticket 706.

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