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  • Molten Core Bosses less damage

    • Status: Completed
      Main Category: Database
      Sub-Category: Creature
      Version: 2.0.11 Milestone: 20 Priority: Normal
      Implemented Version: 21.5

    Molten Core Bosses less damage

    The players on my server are "complaining" that the damage of bosses in Molten Core is to low since I cloned the newest Rel20 server and database.
    Did there change something?

    Values in the database: MinMeleeDamage 1636 MaxMeleeDamage 2165

    This is not even close to what could be found in the database of the old wowhead: [url]http://db.vanillagaming.org/?npc=12259[/url]

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    "Values in the database: MinMeleeDamage 1636 MaxMeleeDamage 2165"

    Where did you get those values from?

    In the [B]creature_template[/B] table, the values for 12259 (Gehennas) are:
    MinMeleeDamage: 168
    MaxMeleeDamage: 234

    I checked an older copy of the database and that had exactly the same values.

    Looking on the page you linked it says the damage is:
    "Damage: 14,700 - 17,010 (Physical)"

    So, me confused :confused:

    [B]Just checking the other stats:[/B]
    Armour is correct: 4635
    Health is correct: 351780

    [B]EDIT:[/B] I just checked the stats and database record of Kel'Thuzad in Naxxramas and they are pretty much correct/the same, so it does look like the Molten Core ones are way wrong.

    The question now is, what values do go into those fields ?

    There is a [B]DamageMultiplier [/B]field in the creature_template table; for Gehennas this is 35, and for Kel'Thuzad it is 1. I am guessing that this should be taken into consideration when we decide on the values to go into the fields: MinMeleeDamage and MaxMeleeDamage

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    The Backport 2014 SQL file changed a lot of creatures... did you already apply this SQL update for rel20 databases?

    I already PR an SQL file with a fix for that issue. Maybe you pulled that? Because without my patch the Damage would be the values I posted earlier.

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    Your one has been merged with the database (4 hours ago):

    I have no idea about anything else. Antz will need to look at this, but he's not around at the moment.

    I left a message re this on the group chat on Skype. I'll also send one directly to Antz in Skype.

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    I already informed antz about that issue before I made the pull request.

    -- Lucifron
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='3795', `ResistanceFire`='93', `ResistanceShadow`='186', `MovementType`='2', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='1636', `MaxMeleeDmg`='2165' WHERE `Entry`='12118';
    -- Magmadar
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='4691', `MovementType`='0', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='1867', `MaxMeleeDmg`='2475' WHERE `Entry`='11982';
    -- Gehennas
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='3795', `MovementType`='0', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='1636', `MaxMeleeDmg`='2165' WHERE `Entry`='12259';
    -- Garr
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='4691', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='1977', `MaxMeleeDmg`='2621' WHERE `Entry`='12057';
    -- Baron Geddon
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='4691', `MovementType`='2', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='1538', `MaxMeleeDmg`='2039' WHERE `Entry`='12056';
    -- Shazzrah
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='3795', `MovementType`='2', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='1636', `MaxMeleeDmg`='2165' WHERE `Entry`='12264';
    -- Sulfuron Harbinger
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='5840', `MovementType`='0', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='1757', `MaxMeleeDmg`='2330' WHERE `Entry`='12098';
    -- Golemagg the Incinerator
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='4691', `MovementType`='0', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='2197', `MaxMeleeDmg`='2912' WHERE `Entry`='11988';
    -- Majordomo Exekutus
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='4691', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='1538', `MaxMeleeDmg`='2039' WHERE `Entry`='12018';
    -- Ragnaros
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='4691', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='1999', `MaxMeleeDmg`='2650' WHERE `Entry`='11502';
    -- Flamewaker Protector
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='3555', `MovementType`='0', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='1305', `MaxMeleeDmg`='1729' WHERE `Entry`='12119';
    -- Flamewaker
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='3555', `MovementType`='0', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='1305', `MaxMeleeDmg`='1729' WHERE `Entry`='11661';
    -- Firesworn
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='3791', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='1455', `MaxMeleeDmg`='1930' WHERE `Entry`='12099';
    -- Flamewaker Priest
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='2223', `MovementType`='0', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='1023', `MaxMeleeDmg`='1352' WHERE `Entry`='11662';
    -- Core Rager
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='4391', `MovementType`='0', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='1510', `MaxMeleeDmg`='2004' WHERE `Entry`='11672';
    -- Flamewaker Elite
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='4421', `ResistanceNature`='-93', `ResistanceFrost`='-93', `ResistanceShadow`='-93', `ResistanceArcane`='-93', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='1687', `MaxMeleeDmg`='2235' WHERE `Entry`='11664';
    -- Flamewaker Healer
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='3075', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='1161', `MaxMeleeDmg`='1538' WHERE `Entry`='11663';
    -- Son of Flame
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `MinLevel`='60', `ResistanceFrost`='-93', `MinLevelHealth`='15260', `MaxLevelHealth`='15260', `MinMeleeDmg`='1247', `MaxMeleeDmg`='1655' WHERE `Entry`='12143';
    -- Molten Giant
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='4391', `MovementType`='0', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='1618', `MaxMeleeDmg`='2147' WHERE `Entry`='11658';
    -- Molten Destroyer
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='4691', `MovementType`='0', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='1757', `MaxMeleeDmg`='2330' WHERE `Entry`='11659';
    -- Firelord
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='4391', `ResistanceFrost`='-93', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='952', `MaxMeleeDmg`='1288' WHERE `Entry`='11668';
    -- Lava Spawn
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `MinLevel`='60', `Armor`='3791', `ResistanceHoly`='0', `ResistanceFire`='0', `ResistanceNature`='0', `ResistanceFrost`='-186', `ResistanceShadow`='0', `ResistanceArcane`='0', `MinLevelHealth`='15260', `MaxLevelHealth`='15260', `MinLevelMana`='0', `MaxLevelMana`='0', `MinMeleeDmg`='390', `MaxMeleeDmg`='517' WHERE `Entry`='12265';
    -- Lava Surger
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='4391', `MovementType`='2', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='1376', `MaxMeleeDmg`='1861' WHERE `Entry`='12101';
    -- Lava Annihilator
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='4391', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='1524', `MaxMeleeDmg`='2061' WHERE `Entry`='11665';
    -- Ancient Core Hound
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='4391', `MovementType`='2', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='1726', `MaxMeleeDmg`='2290' WHERE `Entry`='11673';
    -- Flame Imp
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='4391', `ResistanceHoly`='0', `ResistanceNature`='0', `ResistanceFrost`='0', `ResistanceShadow`='0', `ResistanceArcane`='0', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='317', `MaxMeleeDmg`='429' WHERE `Entry`='11669';
    -- Core Hound
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='4091', `MovementType`='0', `DamageMultiplier`='1', `MinMeleeDmg`='1058', `MaxMeleeDmg`='1403' WHERE `Entry`='11671';
    -- Lava Elemental
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='4391', `MinLevelHealth`='78600', `MaxLevelHealth`='80925', `MinMeleeDmg`='1587', `MaxMeleeDmg`='2147' WHERE `Entry`='12076';
    -- Flameguard
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='4391', `ResistanceFrost`='-93', `MinLevelHealth`='78600', `MaxLevelHealth`='80925', `MinMeleeDmg`='1058', `MaxMeleeDmg`='1431' WHERE `Entry`='11667';
    -- Firewalker
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='4391', `ResistanceFrost`='-93', `MinLevelHealth`='78600', `MaxLevelHealth`='80925', `MinMeleeDmg`='1058', `MaxMeleeDmg`='1431' WHERE `Entry`='11666';
    -- Lava Reaver
    UPDATE `creature_template` SET `Armor`='4691', `MinLevelHealth`='80925', `MaxLevelHealth`='83275', `MinMeleeDmg`='1381', `MaxMeleeDmg`='1864' WHERE `Entry`='12100';

    This is the position in the "20003_15_Backport_2014_done.sql" which had the wrong values in DamageMultiplier, MinMeleeDmg and MaxMeleeDmg on all those Molten Core creatures.
    After players on my server complained about to weak bosses yesterday, I researched in that SQL Update File and found the above posted code which is wrong backported from cmangos.
    Then I checked every molten core creature entry with the ones in my Test DB (where the update isn't applied yet) and wrote my pull request to change it back to the correct values.

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