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  • NPC 2497 Missing text

    • Status: Completed
      Main Category: Database
      Sub-Category: NPC
      Version: 2.0.11 Milestone: 20 Priority: Normal
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Missing US Text

    Nimboya (2497) has "Missing US Text" instead of a greeting.

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    Blimey, another one!!!

    Going to be testing my proposed fixes on both MS windows and Linux (Ubuntu) builds from now on; just as I did when I started out here.

    Let's see if I can make this my first fix of the day. Oops, jinxed myself now!

    This NPC is linked to the [B]npc_text [/B]table record: [B][COLOR="#0000FF"]8406[/COLOR][/B], which shows this message: "Missing US Text"

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    This fixes the issue (tested in-game):

    UPDATE npc_text SET `text0_0`='Greetings $N' WHERE `ID`='8406';

    UPDATE creature_template SET `GossipMenuId`='0' WHERE `Entry`='2497';

    Having to set the GossipMenuId to 0 seems odd to me, unless I am misunderstanding how this works.
    [B][COLOR="#B22222"]GossipMenuId changed from 16667 to 0.[/COLOR][/B]

    This is another NPC/creature who very likely says more than a simple greeting, but I have been unable to locate what it does say.

    [B]EDIT:[/B] Before I PR this, I am going to go through each of the records in the npc_text table that contain "Missing US Text"; trace them back to the creature/NPC and fix all that I can locate the correct text for. I'll add the information to this thread for every record I successfully deal with.

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    [B][COLOR="#008000"][SIZE=3]*** Missing US Text Issue ***[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]

    [SIZE=3]Table [B]npc_text[/B][/SIZE] - the following records contain "Missing US Text" in field text0_0
    record: 10059 is not linked to a creature/NPC via [B]gossip_menu [/B]table
    record: 10061 is not linked to a creature/NPC via [B]gossip_menu [/B]table
    [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]record:[/COLOR][/B] 17880 is linked to Sprok Away Team ([B]creature_Template[/B]: Entry 8320) via [B][COLOR="#800080"]GossipMenuId [/COLOR][/B]12741 in the [B]gossip_menu [/B]table
    [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]record:[/COLOR][/B] 17838 is linked to Lorekeeper Raintotem ([B]creature_Template[/B]: Entry 3233) via [B][COLOR="#800080"]GossipMenuId [/COLOR][/B]12707 in the [B]gossip_menu [/B]table
    [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]record:[/COLOR][/B] 17805: is linked to Kibler ([B]creature_Template[/B]: Entry 10260) via [B][COLOR="#800080"]GossipMenuId [/COLOR][/B]12663 in the [B]gossip_menu [/B]table
    [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]record:[/COLOR][/B] 16528: is linked to Terl Arakor ([B]creature_Template[/B]: Entry 2153) via [B][COLOR="#800080"]GossipMenuId[/COLOR][/B] 11788 in the [B]gossip_menu [/B]table
    record: 16336: this has a [B]gossip_menu[/B] entry, but does not exist in the GossipMenuId field of any [B]creature_template [/B]record
    [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]record:[/COLOR][/B] 16432: is linked to Griniblix the Spectator ([B]creature_Template[/B]: Entry 14395) via [B][COLOR="#800080"]GossipMenuId[/COLOR][/B] 11738 in the [B]gossip_menu [/B]table
    [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]record:[/COLOR][/B] 16334: is linked to Commander Aggro'gosh ([B]creature_Template[/B]: Entry 2464) via [B][COLOR="#800080"]GossipMenuId[/COLOR][/B] 11673 in the [B]gossip_menu[/B] table
    [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]record:[/COLOR][/B] 16335 is linked to Far Seer Mok'thardin ([B]creature_Template[/B]: Entry 2465) via [B][COLOR="#800080"]GossipMenuId[/COLOR][/B] 11674 in the [B]gossip_menu [/B]table
    record: 15719: (Shandris Feathermoon - Entry 3936) is showing a proper message in game, even though the npc_text record this links to says Missing US Text. Ah ha, it's using the text in the next field: text0_1. I'll leave this one alone.
    record: 14625: (Baron Longshore - Entry 3467) this too is showing a proper message in game.
    [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]record:[/COLOR][/B] 2368: is linked to Jangdor Swiftstrider ([B]creature_Template[/B]: Entry 7854) via [B][COLOR="#800080"]GossipMenuId[/COLOR][/B] 1964 in the [B]gossip_menu [/B]table
    record: 5935 (Ravenholdt Guard) has a proper message in game (many NPCs).
    record: 5940 (Ravenholdt Assassin) has a proper message in game (many NPCs).
    record: 7775 this has a [B]gossip_menu[/B] entry, but does not exist in the GossipMenuId field of any [B]creature_template [/B]record
    record: 8656 this too has a [B]gossip_menu[/B] entry, but does not exist in the GossipMenuId field of any [B]creature_template [/B]record

    [B]note:[/B] Baron Revilgaz has also been added to the list. I need to locate the npc_text ID for him too, just-in-case we locate a better text for him to use.

    I'll probably put this in a table format of some sort.


    [B]Sprok[/B] - Gnomeregan (Entry 8320)
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]UPDATE creature_template SET `GossipMenuId`='12741' WHERE `Entry`='8320';
    UPDATE npc_text SET `text0_0`='Greetings $N' WHERE `ID`='17880'; [/COLOR]
    [B]Note:[/B] probably not the correct text for the NPC

    [B]Lorekeeper Raintotem[/B] - Mulgore (Entry 3233)
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]UPDATE creature_template SET `GossipMenuId`='12707 ' WHERE `Entry`='3233';
    UPDATE npc_text SET `text0_0`='Only the most valiant and honorable amongst the tribe can earn the honor of being laid to rest at Red Rocks.' WHERE `ID`='17838';[/COLOR]

    [B]Kibler[/B] - Burning Steppes (Entry 10260)
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]UPDATE creature_template SET `GossipMenuId`='12663' WHERE `Entry`='10260';
    UPDATE npc_text SET `text0_0`='What!' WHERE `ID`='17805 '; [/COLOR]

    [B]Terl Arakor[/B] - Wetlands (Entry 2153)
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]UPDATE creature_template SET `GossipMenuId`='11788' WHERE `Entry`='2153';
    UPDATE npc_text SET `text0_0`='This is MY WAGON!$B$BMINE!' WHERE `ID`='16528';[/COLOR]
    [B]Note:[/B] All text has now been found. See a few posts down - many images of the text used by this NPC

    Judging by the comments in the linked page, this NPC also responds to the
    "Wetlands is under attack!" message
    and says: WHERE IN WETLANDS? Maybe next time you could just warn me "Azeroth is under attack, somewhere!"

    [B]Griniblix the Spectator[/B] - Dire Maul - Feralas (Entry 14395)
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]UPDATE creature_template SET `GossipMenuId`='11738' WHERE `Entry`='14395';
    UPDATE npc_text SET `text0_0`='Woohoo! They are into it now!' WHERE `ID`='16432'; [/COLOR]
    [B]Note:[/B] This NPC says different things dependent on which boss is spawned!
    "Can that be the Razza down there in the Maul? This is going to be exciting!"

    [B]Commander Aggro'gosh[/B] - Grom'Gol - STV (Entry 2464)
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]UPDATE creature_template SET `GossipMenuId`='11673' WHERE `Entry`='2464';
    UPDATE npc_text SET `text0_0`='Welcome to Grom\'gol, $C. Before we get off on the wrong foot, I\'ll have you know that I won\'t have slackers in my Base Camp.. I expect a healthy $R like you to pull your own weight around here.' WHERE `ID`='16334'; [/COLOR]

    [B]Far Seer Mok'thardin[/B] - Grom'Gol - STV (Entry 2465)
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]UPDATE creature_template SET `GossipMenuId`='11674' WHERE `Entry`='2465';
    UPDATE npc_text SET `text0_0`='Even in this remote corner of the world, know that Hellscream\'s eyes are upon you.' WHERE `ID`='16335';[/COLOR]

    [B]Jangdor Swiftstrider[/B] - Camp Mojache - Feralas (Entry 7854)
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]UPDATE creature_template SET `GossipMenuId`='1964' WHERE `Entry`='7854';
    UPDATE npc_text SET `text0_0`='Welcome to Camp Mojache, brave $C. How may I assist you this day?' WHERE `ID`='2368';[/COLOR]

    [B]Baron Revilgaz[/B] - Booty Bay (Entry 2496)
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]UPDATE creature_template SET `GossipMenuId`='6685' WHERE `Entry`='2496';
    UPDATE npc_text SET `text0_0`='Welcome to Booty Bay, partner. I hope your stay in my town is enjoyable and uneventful - emphasis on the latter. We\'ve got plenty of drink if you\'re thirsty, and plenty of bouncers if you\'re antsy.$B$BNow then... what can this humble servant of the Steamwheedle Cartel do for you? Better still - what can you do for me, eh?' WHERE `ID`='7965'; [/COLOR]
    -- Deleted as we only need a link to the 7965 record in the npc_text table
    [COLOR="#0000FF"]DELETE FROM gossip_menu WHERE `entry`='6685' and`text_id`='13062';[/COLOR]

    [B]NOTE:[/B] using USA English spelling, so as to stay true to Blizzard

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    Thanks, not many left of the "Missing US text" to go. I'm not going through the "UDB Missing US text" ones yet. I'll wait till they pop up. They may have nothing to do with npc_text table, which I am aiming this at.

    The Baron has been dealt with already, or should have been. I'll check.

    I'll PR it tomorrow. Need a fresh head for final checks to make sure all is correct :-)

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    I have no idea what would cause it to show up, but until it does, there's nothing to work with really.

    They may mean absolutely nothing. Not used in the current system. Maybe I should try and figure out where they are used, but then there is plenty out there to do that is way more important. I'll wait :)

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    Re Baron Revilgaz, well the message has been changed in the npc_text table, but it was still showing Missing US Text
    This is not how I left it; it did fix it.

    Something has happened to make the GossipMenuId field require being set to 0. That most definitely was not the case before.

    I'll add the Baron to the list, but it only requires the setting of that GossipMenuId field to 0 as the corresponding [B]npc_text [/B]record has been changed in the database.

    [B]NOTE:[/B] Need to look into Baron Revilgaz again, as I believe I have the text he should say (from mangosOne mangos database), but it's refusing to take it.

    Baron Revilgaz's [B]creature_template [/B]record's GossipMenuId field should have 6685, which links to the required [B]npc_text [/B]record (7965) via the gossip_menu table, but it's not working. I'm leaning towards there being something broken here.
    Will look into this further tomorrow :)

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    Very, very freaking weird, this is!!!

    Using Terl Arakor (Wetlands) as a test case, I set his GossipMenuId to 11788, which links the NPC to the [B]npc_text[/B]: "This wagon is Mine!"

    Go in-game, and he says "Chuck_07", which is the value I set to that npc_text record prior to changing it to "This wagon is Mine!" !!!!!!

    If I then set the GossipMenuId to 0, he will then say in-game: "Greetings, Bowjob" - Bowjob being my toon's name.
    That's a big WTF! Where the did it get that from ????

    I suppose it could have been set to that before I located the proper text, but then that would have been overwritten by the proper text: "This wagon is Mine!"

    Hmm, Gonna zap the database and start again. Let's see it try and give me "Chuck_07" after that!!!!! or Greetings blah blah!!!!!

    [B]EDIT:[/B] Mega freaking weird. Totally removed the database. Cloned a fresh, and the damn NPC still says "Chuck_07" !!!!
    Caching ????? If so than how come I was able to change the quest text for another NPC, and that change showed???? Mega weirdness!!!

    [B]EDIT again:[/B] It looks like there is an issue with using the records that have Missing US Text in them, at least when altering them. I had the NPC use another record (ID 2 in [B]npc_text[/B]) and that worked. The NPC then said the text in that record.

    I'll try creating a new record in the [B]npc_text [/B]table for the test case, and see what happens.

    Ah, and it appears that when the [B][COLOR="#800080"]GossipMenuId [/COLOR][/B]is set to 0, it defaults to using "Greetings, ", therefore no need to change any of the Missing US Text to that, just change the GossipMenuId value.

    [B]EDIT Deja Vudoo:[/B] YEY, that did it :D
    I created a new [B]npc_text [/B]record: 15878, with the text: "This wagon is Mine!". Entered that in the [B]text_id [/B]field of the [B]gossip_menu [/B]record for the test case NPC. Then went in-game, and he said that text :D

    So, basically, you cannot alter the [B]npc_text [/B]records that contain "Missing US Text"; you need to create a new record.

    Right, now to figure out what the frack I just done, and implement and test it with a freshly cloned and implemented database!

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    Terl Arakor (Wetlands) still exists in-game.

    I'm not sure if all of these can be used, but here are images of what he says:






    The question now is, how do we implement the many responses? [B]npc_text[/B] records are unique, maybe the [B]gossip_menu [/B]table?

    Yep, the [B]gossip_menu [/B]table can have more than one record with the same id (Entry). I'm guessing that the prob0 field in the [B]npc_text [/B]table can be used to decide on which text to display.

    Let's test this boys and girls, and see what we can break :D

    Damn, that did not work. Clicked many, many times, and each time it just output the 2nd text (Gnoll joke) :(
    I have a feeling that should have worked. I'll check the coding behind it.

    Aha ha - prob0 set to 1 means the texts is always said. Silly me, need decimal entries between 0 and 1.

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    Now Blizzlike :D


    Gonna see if I can locate the correct text for the others, before I PR this.

    I'll have to leave the multiple gossip responses for another PR; it does not look like that is working.

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    [CENTER][SIZE=4][COLOR="#008000"][B]Correct Text (hopefully) For The NPCs[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]

    [B][SIZE=3][COLOR="#0000FF"]Far Seer Mok'thardin (Grom'gol, STV)[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

    [B][SIZE=3][COLOR="#0000FF"]Commander Aggro'gosh (Grom'gol, STV)[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

    [B][SIZE=3][COLOR="#0000FF"]Lorekeeper Raintotem (Mulgore)[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

    [B][SIZE=3][COLOR="#0000FF"]Jangdor Swiftstrider (Camp Mojache, Feralas)[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B] - I could change that to "Welcome to Camp Mojache ... "

    [B][SIZE=3][COLOR="#0000FF"]Kibler (Flame Crest, Burning Steppes)[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

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    Note that those may not be correct for Zero. Why? We didn't have paladins in Zero on The Horde, for one. Those toons also appear different in your screenshots than they do in-game in Zero. I'm not trying to rain on your parade, just trying to be as accurate as possible. You've done a ton of awesome work recently.

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    No problem :) I'll use the text, less any inconsistencies, that work for classic.

    I've now added the text that I will use to the scripts in the 4th post of this thread (my 3rd post).

    I'll track down Sprok when I finish watching the last race of the MotoGP :D
    You never know, he may say something that won't be out of place in Vanilla :)

    Oh yeah, some of those toons look silly now, with that glowing green surrounding them. No idea why Blizzard did that :(

    Before these scripts can be applied I need to work out for why the new text does now show up unless they are part of a new record. If we try and write the text to an existing record it fails to pick up the change, and continues displaying the old text.

    Is the system storing what is held in these fields somewhere (caching?) ?

    I have tried dropping and recreating the databases, clearing the cache, rebooting the computer; none worked. It still showed the old (replaced!) text.

    [B]EDIT:[/B] [B][COLOR="#008000"]PROBLEM SOLVED[/COLOR][/B], thanks to a MadMax post in another thread: [url]https://www.getmangos.eu/archived-help/9639-changes-item_template-reflected-game.html?highlight=cache[/url]

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    [quote=Xenithar]I clean the WDB cache weekly when I rebuild Zero. I have an AD script I execute that cleans it out on all of my domain gaming rigs. Failure to do that can result in bad data in-game.[/quote]

    All these years and I never ever came across that!!! Amazing!

    That was driving me nuts!

    Oh well, I know now :)

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    [B][SIZE=3][COLOR="#008000"]Fix has now been PR'd :D[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

    [B][COLOR="#0000FF"][B]EDIT 18:16 hrs(BST):[/B][/COLOR][/B] This has now been merged with the database core (Zero)
    I'll do the same for the other versions of the game (One, Two, etc). The only difference will be with the Dire Maul goblin, who supposedly gets moved to Camp Mojache at some point (I've not witnessed this, as yet).

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