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  • Question mark over creatures with mana

    • Status: Completed
      Main Category: Database
      Sub-Category: Creature
      Version: 2.0.11 Milestone: 20 Priority: Low
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Possible incorrect setting for mana of creatures

    You can ignore this :)

    I'm compiling a list of fixes for creatures in the database who currently have mana (MinLevelMana / MaxLevelMana), but possibly should not.

    This has been realised after applying a fix where mana users were not regenerating their mana (fix not PR'd at this time)

    Currently 371 records affected.

    The result will be either the mana setting being set to 0 (do not use mana), or the regenerate setting being set to 2 (they use mana).


    PR has been made that sets all Warrior and Rogue classes to regen health only and removes the mana settings. It also sets Paladin and Wizzard classes to regen both health and mana.

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    Will this affect pets and such? Currently our pets are hosed in major ways (hunter, lock, all of them!) and warlock pets do not regenerate mana and hunter pets won't regenerate focus. This results in a "your pet is in combat" message if you attempt to use a pet skill which uses focus or mana.

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    No, the pets are handled by another code portion. Sorry for offtop, but remember me plz about the pet buffs (feeding, for instance) [B]in vanilla[/B] (ie Zero): should the buff duration be visible to the pet owner/other players? As well as auras on the mobs: should these be visible at all and duration of its in particular?

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    Sorry but do you realy have a task to break working mechanics? Request this BEFORE your update applied:
    SELECT * FROM creature_template WHERE RegenerateStats & 1=0;
    and see UnitClass of the mobs. Then you might try the same after your update.

    In many cases, stopped health regen is used for decoration purposes. But not in all cases possibly. Are you ready to check each case of that 9 mobs? It was much simpler to create a more precise update request, I suppose.

    @antz: It would be better to have a community review BEFORE merging PRs touching at least few sensitive DB parts, in case you have no time to review it personally. One such part consists of the creature_template, gameobject_template, quest_template tables with exception of their fields defining scripts. By the way, applying this update to One DB via "project sync" will directly destroy [URL="https://github.com/mangosone/database/commit/aaf8587c895bb9d647a27e2df4a34e29fc6e3077"]a bit of my job[/URL].

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    We were attempting to fix a majority of the broken mobs in Zero (especially casters)

    I reviewed the changes and agreed they looked good to go.

    In light of you highlighting the potential issue with the change, we are reviewing it to see whether

    a) We need to revert it and reapplying with extra restrictions
    b) Apply a correction to the small number of mobs affected by the global change

    Anything you can add to this would be appreciated

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    Oops, time for the a thorough thrashing, me thinks.

    I'll be waiting with nothing but my undercrackers on. You be sure to bring the thrashing tool of choice, plus plenty of salt.... ;)


    I backed up a copy of the database beforehand; knowing that this could highlight issues/problems/fubars and WTF situs..

    I now have the list of creatures that were set to 0 for regen. I'll PR the fix of the fix which was a mini fubar :D


    Fix has been fixed:


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    Thanks for that, matey :)

    My judgement was made on misinformation :(

    [quote=Olion]But FullDB/creature_template.sql is already changed to the wrong form...[/quote]

    The only way that could have happened, is if someone merged that into the core DB.

    The core DB has not had that applied to it.


    Actually, I had better put together a script for anyone who has applied this to their DB and does not want to install it all afresh.


    Odd, I can only find 12 creatures that have RenerateStats set to 3 on Zero, but on One there are nearly 4k.

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