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  • Several Paladin-Bugs

    • Status: Completed
      Main Category: Database
      Sub-Category: Spell
      Version: 21.3 Milestone: 21 Priority: Normal
      Implemented Version: 21.3

    Several Paladin-Bugs

    Unfortunately it is very hard for me to explain things in a foreign language but I try my best. The Paladin has a mistake right at the beginning. He has two spells in his spellbook for Seal of Righteousness. One spell makes zero damage the other spell cast spell rank 2 even if he is rank 1.

    The mistake must be in your sourcecode. Unfortunately you dont give me your sourcecode for download. I use your latest version x32 but the sourcecode you offer is older. So I cant test anything.

    At first I think I know what principle going on. The seal spells of the Paladin are a little bit complicated. They consist actually of thress spells. The spell which is written in the Spellbook, the spell which shows the aura or buff and then the spell which makes the judgement possible. From this spell the damage for the dots of the seal is calculated too.

    I checked your Spell.dbc and found several mistakes. So the spell for rank 1 seal of justice pointed to judgement of wisdom. Thats the reason why it makes no damage. I found several other mistakes too and corrected them manually. Unfortunately your program still makes the same mistakes. I think it is because you write a spell in the spellbook which does not belong in the spellbook. This is this second spell which makes no damage cause it pointed to judgement of wisdom. I correct this but it still makes no damage. So intern you still use judgement of wisdom for it. And I have no idea why. I corrected the wrong values in the database.

    Then an unbelievable mistake is that if I have Seal of Crusader rank 8 and it is on my paladin and I cast Seal of Crusader Rank 1 it is Rank 8. But probably I can repair this with the database but at first I wanna correct the mistake with this Seal of Righteousness. As well your Spell.dbc has wrong values for the judgements. Actually you use always a rang to low for the judgement. I corrected this in the Spell.dbc manually.

    Last mistake for now is Seal of Crusader makes too much damage. Although the spell says +attack power it should make less damage. At the moment escpecially in low level area it makes much too much damage. So something is wrong. I bet in your Spell.dbc and your sourcecode but the first I did not check yet and the second I cant check because I have not your sourcecode for the version I installed.

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    First. I made a mistake. I thought the Seal of Righteousness Rank 1 takes the damage of Rank 2 but obviously the damage increases with higher level. And this is the correct game mechanic after I searched for sources from the year 2005.

    The second spell in the spellbook for Seal of Righteousness - I solved this problem. It is the spell with the id 20154. This spell has absolutely no sense at all and no meaning. I just deleted it from the spell.dbc. Now it works correct and it is only one spell in the spellbook for Seal of Righteousness RAnk 1 as it should be.

    The rest of the mistakes I still search for solutions. If I find one I will tell you the solution.

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    Today I found out that if you make a certain Mask the spell wont be in the spellbook. So actually you dont have to delete it. But a few days ago I did not know that. But I still think that this spell has absolutely no function at all. Seal of Righteousness is pretty good. But the other changes in the database I made were wrong. I dont understand why but the datas in your datasets were correct. Of course I make always backups. So that was not bad for me.

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