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  • Ghostlands (Windrunner Spire) NPC issues.

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      Version: 21.2 Milestone: 21 Priority: Normal
      Implemented Version: 21.2

    There is a number of Issues with npcs that need attention. From missing npcs to incorrect spawntime/spawn locations.

    Windrunner Spire within the ghostlands has many NPC issues.
    Deathhold Acolyte (ID 16315)
    * Missing waypoints.
    * Missing 1 Acolyte on hill side.
    * Incorrect spawn times and spawn locations.
    * Incorrect HP/mana (Still researching).
    * Incorrect MovementType and spawndist.
    Fallen Ranger (ID 16314)
    * Missing 3+ Rangers in various locations. Most notably on lower platform over looking water.
    * Incorrect spawn times.
    * Incorrect HP/mana (Still researching).
    * Incorrect MovementType and spawndist.
    Follow my progress in the topic below for my suggested corrections. (.zip included within topic)


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    I have attached the suggested additions and corrections for both the Fallen Ranger(s) ID: 16314 and the Deathhold Acolyte(s) ID: 16315.

    Please use ghostland_fix(4).zip
    The others can be removed. Sorry for the multi uploads.
    This is my last revision. I was just looking around and I found an NPC in a wall that I missed. this NPC replaced a custom added NPC within one of the older zip files.

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    A quick node on your fix: You have to remove the `mangos`. of your SQL queries so the changes don't apply to a specific database but to the one which is currently open/selected. This prevents issues for people who have more than one database with different names than 'mangos'.

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    Lots of nice work there, necrovoice :-)

    When performing an INSERT, you must DELETE the record first, otherwise if it exists, the INSERT will fail.

    [QUOTE]delete from creature where guid = 151032;
    insert into creature (guid, id, map, spawnMask, phaseMask, modelid, equipment_id, position_x, position_y, position_z, orientation, spawntimesecs, spawndist, currentwaypoint, curhealth, curmana, DeathState, MovementType) values(151032,16315,530,1,1,0,0,7051.7,-5811.42,46.5964,2.50734,472,5,0,270,295,0,1);[/QUOTE]

    I took the scripts and made a version for One and a version for Two (database record structures are not the same), applied them and they work as intended.

    I'll PR them now on One and Two.



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    Thank you for the tip. I will keep that in mind for the future. Sorry this took so long to get back. Also I wanted to make sure that the correct fix was put in. Im not sure if its on my side or what, but I see a file. ghostland_fix(4).zip (2.7 KB) not the file ghostland_fix.rar (2.5 KB)

    Feel free to PM me if you want.

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