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  • Torching Sunfury Hold (#10233)

    • Status: Completed
      Main Category: Quests
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      Version: 21.14 Milestone: Unset Priority: Normal
      Implemented Version: 21.14

    Torching Sunfury Hold (#10233)

    By Jerbookins:

    Using the quest item, Flaming Torch (#28550), has no effect on Tents or Ballistas at Sunfury Hold. It would appear that the quest objectives are not completable at all. Even when using the GM command ".quest complete 10233", the objectives still show as "0/4" completed. But when I use ".lookup quest torching sunfury" while targeting the player, it outputs: "10233 - [Torching Sunfury Hold] [complete]" and I can turn the quest in with a silver "?" above the quest giver's head.

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    I'm able to complete it normally just fine. However, when trying to play with GM commands to complete it like tester describes, I do notice it breaks as described. But normal players shouldn't encounter that.

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