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  • Make $C and $R gender friendly in translations

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      Version: 22.x (Current Master Branch) Milestone: Unset Priority: New
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    Would be cool, if you could add something like a $G check to $C and $R to enable the possibility to create male/female translations for a language, if needed.

    E.g. in quest text you can add: "Hello, $C" and based on gender the male or female translation is used. If no translation is set, the language specific male version is used. And if even no language is detected, then you can use default english value.

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    While this is a great idea, we are limited by the client.

    As an example, i have included two extracted dbc files from the client.

    Whenever $C is used, the ID of the character class is used by the client to look up in this table to get the string to replace $C with.

    The same applied with $R and race.

    If you wanted to specify gender you would have to do something like


    The client is totally in control of this and there is nothing we can change about that.

    Change any of the $C's to anything else, then the class substitution will not work.

    I hope this explains it better - The dbc files are from Vanilla BTW.

    ChrClasses.dbc.csv ChrRaces.dbc.csv

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