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  • Making the GM system more authentic

    • Status: suggested
      Main Category: Core / Mangos Daemon
      Sub-Category: Unknown
      Version: 0.20 Milestone: 20 Priority: unknown
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      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Making the GM system more authentic


    Here are a few suggestions to making the GM system more authentic.

    [*]Allow tickets to be assigned to a GM when a GM opens/views one.
    [*]Once a ticket is assigned and the GM has sent their initial whisper the user will be able to whisper them
    [*]When server is set to: GM.InGMList.Level=0 & GM.InWhoList.Level=3 users never see GMs online.
    [*]This is fine but if a GM adds a player to their friend list then the player should be able to see the GM online.

    Real blizzard servers give the message "There is no such character" when adding a blizzard GM.

    Messaging a GM after they have closed or replied to the ticket
    Once the ticket is closed the GM should no longer see messages by the player.
    Instead the realm should send a preset response (maybe set in the mangosd.conf)

    [*]Officially the response would be from a character called "System" and would send:
    [QUOTE]This game master (GM-Name) currently has no open ticket with you, if you are still having an issue please submit a response or new ticket.[/QUOTE]

    GM Interaction
    Allow only GMs to whisper each other. No players can whisper GMs except if they are having there ticket handled. (Or it is manually set in the config to override this behaviour.)

    When setting GM.LowerSecurity=0 is set in the mangosd.conf GMs with a lower rank should not be able to whisper GMs with a higher rank if the higher GM has the lower GM ignored.

    I would suggest adding an additional setting "GM.Strict.Message" if this was enabled lower GMs could not message higher GMs unless the higher GM sent a message first, of course this all depends if this is something the core can do. Messaging the higher GM would remain until they logged out.

    Add a setting to the mangosd.conf To prevent players from mailing GM characters.
    Maybe "GM.Acceptmail=x" ?


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