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  • use timestamp instead of a string to store a date in the DB

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      Main Category: Core / Mangos Daemon
      Sub-Category: Code Enhancement
      Version: 0.20 Milestone: 20 Priority: unprioritised
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    use timestamp instead of a string to store a date in the DB

    For example, look at the uptime table in the realmd db: [url]http://getmangos.eu/wiki/Reference%20Information/DB/realm/uptime.md[/url]

    Field 'starttime'
    The time when the server was started, in Unix time.

    Field 'startstring'
    The time when the server started, formated as a readable string.

    Both fields contain the same: a date. But they are stored differently. Every date in the database should be either stored as a string or as a timestamp. It shouldn't be mixed so both exists. I think it is better to use everywhere in the database for a date a timestamp for performance reasons.

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    The Unix timestamp uses less data. Let's assume a string with no hyphens like "20140918203045" which means "2014-Sep-19 at 20:30 and 45sec". This uses 14bytes of data. A timestamp is a 32bit integer, which uses 4bytes. It could save loads of space depending on how string dates are stored.

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