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  • CMAKE - Problems with MSVC variable value

    • Status: Not a bug
      Main Category: Unset
      Sub-Category: Unknown
      Version: 22.1 Milestone: 24 Priority: Normal
      Implemented Version: 22.1

    When EasyBuild try to look at MySQL Libraries, but MSVC is not TRUE so, even if VS2015 and MySQL Libraries are installed.

    Cause the IF statement has WIN32 with MSVC variable in &&, .cmake scrcipt consider the enviroment as Linux, and try to look at Linux path for Libraries.

    In attachment a ZIP with:

    • screenshots of EasyBuild
    • .cmake file as the one on Repository but with some debug messages
    • .cmake without MSVC in && that works
    • Full Log for the "original" .cmake file

    MySQL Cmake PRoblem.zip

    Full Log without MSVC in IF STATEMENT.txt

    Edited by Tuker

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    When you say that it works, does that mean that you also tried to compile the core?
    According to cmake docs MSVC should be defined as true when the compiler is some version of VS.

    If cmake running manually works, then probably the part that runs cmake needs to be tweaked in easybuild.
    Seems that cmake cannot determine the compiler or determines it wrong or after the step that we are using it at somehow.

    Probably need the easybuild source code for this one if it does not happen when running cmake on its own.

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    Using the Virtual Machine everything works well, so it's obviously a problem with VS2015 installed on my machine.
    Just in case someone can't reinstall it, just as me, a solution should be to set up a MaNGOS Development Machine.

    I'll close this ticket setting as "Not a Bug".

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