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  • Black Temple, Karazhan - testing, and bugs finded

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      Version: 21.11

    Hello guys!

    Today i trying test 2 instance, Karazhan and Black Temple. I did it one, so maybe in this problem, but i dont know.

    So here is 2 full videos.

    What problem i see:


    Black Temple


    1. Illidan, starts, 30:40 in video: after wipe i cant start event again and pull boss, he stands with Akama, and that`s all,  player cant go though "wall" and cant restart event. 

    2. Reliquary of Souls, starts 9:06 in video, i dont get loot (maybe it`s becouse i pull it with .damage  25000 comand

    2.1 Reliquary of Souls, no change phase.

    3. Illidari Council, starts 26:00 in video, looks like they dont have "shared" health. I tried dps them, obe by one (over 40k dps in sec), but it` reset up to 100% (dont looks like it healing spell).




    1. Chees, I killed manualy all mobs, and dont get loot . I dont see Mediv ;) starts: 20:24

    2.  Aran, looks like fire spell dont work, i trying moving out of circle of fire, and dont get any damage from it, and dont jump to.  starts: 17:06 (no fire damage at 18:48).

    3. Netherspite - its work? ) Cant test it one ;)

    4. Jullite and NO ROMEO :) -  starts 06:26 - only Juliete and no Romeo.

    5. Curator - starts 10:00 on video. No evocation phase, it`s starts but for one second you can see at (10:43 video), and he start summon too many "voids or adds...".

    So i have questions: 
    1. Bugs like this (if it is bugs) each server\owner of server fix self , and dont give it to community to have "The Best Server on Planet Earth?" )

    2. Bugs like this exist 8 years? oO (i mean this is old content and nobody fixed it already for share with community? )

    3. If i want learn and upgrade self programmers skills, what i need to fix? I mean i dont know good structure of Mangosd, it`s bugs in database, in scripts? Where i can find it, look at it and try to fix. Maybe i learn something new ;) I look at github (scriptdev3), there is .CPP (here is for Illidan, https://github.com/mangos/ScriptDev3/blob/master/scripts/outland/black_temple/boss_illidan.cpp#L95  - so problem with Illidan with stuck after wipe, this problem in this file?). If yes, it exist fast way to recompile only scripts or one script, becouse it`s too long compile whole server (not long like one day just long ;).

    4. Maybe exist faster, easier, way to update this boss, maybe someone knew? I mean something like patch, update DB or smthg else? Any ideas? ) 

    5. And my 5-th question , it`s is correct to post this "bugs"\problems here? 

    Thank you, and dont thank me for my english ) I know it`s excelent ;)


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    5. And my 5-th question , it`s is correct to post this "bugs"\problems here? 

    Yes, but it should be one bug per-entry on the tracker. If anyone works on this they will need to open an entry for each bug as they work on them.

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