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  • Hunter pets don’t have the correct attack speed values

    • Status: Awaiting Feedback
      Main Category: Core / Mangos Daemon
      Sub-Category: Pet
      Version: 22.1 Milestone: 22 Priority: Normal
      Implemented Version: Unset

    Hunter pets don’t have the correct attack speed values

    For example cats should have higher attack speed but every beast has 2.0 once they’re tamed. I noticed this when I tamed Broken Tooth (which is a rare spawn) who should have 1.00 attack speed.

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    Implementation. Note - The speeds have to be adjusted in Database to match the Pet attack speeds:


    diff --git a/src/game/Object/Pet.cpp b/src/game/Object/Pet.cpp
    index 7ec1822..37ac5d9 100644
    --- a/src/game/Object/Pet.cpp
    +++ b/src/game/Object/Pet.cpp
    @@ -1092,9 +1092,30 @@ bool Pet::InitStatsForLevel(uint32 petlevel, Unit* owner)
         SetModifierValue(UNIT_MOD_ARMOR, BASE_VALUE, float(petlevel * 50));
    -    SetAttackTime(BASE_ATTACK, cinfo->MeleeBaseAttackTime);
    -    SetAttackTime(OFF_ATTACK, cinfo->MeleeBaseAttackTime);
    -    SetAttackTime(RANGED_ATTACK, cinfo->RangedBaseAttackTime);
    +	CreatureInfo const* creatureInfo = ObjectMgr::GetCreatureTemplate(creature_ID);
    +	if (creatureInfo)
    +	{
    +		if (creatureInfo->MeleeBaseAttackTime > 0)
    +			SetAttackTime(BASE_ATTACK, creatureInfo->MeleeBaseAttackTime);
    +		else
    +		if (creatureInfo->MeleeBaseAttackTime > 0)
    +			SetAttackTime(OFF_ATTACK, creatureInfo->MeleeBaseAttackTime);
    +		else
    +			SetAttackTime(OFF_ATTACK, BASE_ATTACK_TIME);
    +		if (creatureInfo->RangedBaseAttackTime > 0)
    +			SetAttackTime(RANGED_ATTACK, creatureInfo->RangedBaseAttackTime);
    +		else
    +	}
    +	else
    +	{
    +	}
         SetFloatValue(UNIT_MOD_CAST_SPEED, 1.0);


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