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  1. Langerz82

    GM mode breaks right clicking / inspecting

    Dup see: https://www.getmangos.eu/bug-tracker/mangos-zero/Menu-Blocker---GM-Mode-stops-m-r482/
  2. Langerz82

    Remote administration

    Is this still an issue with the latest version?
  3. Langerz82

    Cat form, agility and attack power

    Is this still an issue with the latest Revision?
  4. Langerz82

    NPC does not move until you get closer

    Likely fixed in latest Revision, If it's still bugged please re-open issue with more detail.
  5. Working latest revision. Closed.
  6. SELECT * FROM mangos0.creature WHERE id = 8901; It's set to 20 secs for most of them. What should it be?
  7. Langerz82

    Greyed Out Enemies

    Is this still occurring? Cosmetic only please change to priority Low.
  8. Langerz82

    [dueling] die after a duel on high dmg taken.

    Is this still an issue with latest revision?
  9. edit: it's Seal of Command and it's been fixed on latest version. Closed.
  10. Langerz82

    Fireballs D.O.T.

  11. Langerz82

    "You don't know that language" when going AFK

    No reply appears to be fixed. Close.
  12. Langerz82

    Channel ownership and leave/join messages

    Needs testing: Langerz82/WoWZeroDisableOwnerDefaultChannel.patch
  13. Implementation. Note - The speeds have to be adjusted in Database to match the Pet attack speeds: http://www.wow-petopia.com/classic/attackspeed.php diff --git a/src/game/Object/Pet.cpp b/src/game/Object/Pet.cpp index 7ec1822..37ac5d9 100644 --- a/src/game/Object/Pet.cpp +++ b/src/game/Object/Pet.cpp @@ -1092,9 +1092,30 @@ bool Pet::InitStatsForLevel(uint32 petlevel, Unit* owner) SetModifierValue(UNIT_MOD_ARMOR, BASE_VALUE, float(petlevel * 50)); - SetAttackTime(BASE_ATTACK, cinfo->MeleeBaseAttackTime); - SetAttackTime(OFF_ATTACK, cinfo->MeleeBaseAttackTime); - SetAttackTime(RANGED_ATTACK, cinfo->RangedBaseAttackTime); + CreatureInfo const* creatureInfo = ObjectMgr::GetCreatureTemplate(creature_ID); + if (creatureInfo) + { + if (creatureInfo->MeleeBaseAttackTime > 0) + SetAttackTime(BASE_ATTACK, creatureInfo->MeleeBaseAttackTime); + else + SetAttackTime(BASE_ATTACK, BASE_ATTACK_TIME); + + if (creatureInfo->MeleeBaseAttackTime > 0) + SetAttackTime(OFF_ATTACK, creatureInfo->MeleeBaseAttackTime); + else + SetAttackTime(OFF_ATTACK, BASE_ATTACK_TIME); + + if (creatureInfo->RangedBaseAttackTime > 0) + SetAttackTime(RANGED_ATTACK, creatureInfo->RangedBaseAttackTime); + else + SetAttackTime(RANGED_ATTACK, BASE_ATTACK_TIME); + } + else + { + SetAttackTime(BASE_ATTACK, BASE_ATTACK_TIME); + SetAttackTime(OFF_ATTACK, BASE_ATTACK_TIME); + SetAttackTime(RANGED_ATTACK, BASE_ATTACK_TIME); + } SetFloatValue(UNIT_MOD_CAST_SPEED, 1.0);
  14. Langerz82

    Models not displaying position properly

    I think this issue has been fixed latest revision. Let me know if it's still an issue.

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