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  • Pet skills not working 100%

    • Status: Confirmed
      Main Category: Core / Mangos Daemon
      Sub-Category: Combat
      Version: 21.0 Milestone: 20 Priority: High
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Pet skills not working 100%

    I have noticed something odd this past week in the few times I have managed to play a hunter. The pets do not appear to be using their skills when they are set to use them. This includes things like growl, claw, bit, and shell shield. The pet will be engaged in combat with a mob and the skills will not be used. If you click on the skill to force use of something like growl, you get the message "Your pet is in combat". Well, duh! That is why I want to use the skill.

    I do not remember this behavior from roughly two or three weeks back, but I may not have noticed.

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